Sunday, July 18, 2021

Getting Ready - Trial Solo Bike Tour

 I said goodbye to my friends Sandy and John this morning.  Lilac and I headed to a campsite in Villas County, Wisconsin.  There is a network of connecting bicycle trails here.  One goes through Boulder Junction. The trails here are paved, curvy and hilly.  The area is planning more trails too.  It's a popular biking area with touristy towns, lots of clear lakes, and ATV trails.

Lilac in our campsite by a babbling brook.

The Trail Tour Plan is non-existent.

I have not decided where I will bike.  The destination will be another campground for trying out my tent and sleeping bag and such.  I am about 75 miles from Lake Superior, says Googlemaps.  A bit too far at this point in my training.  I may drive to a town and find a place to park my van overnight while I ride to That big lake. We’ll see.  

I will post from my phone if I have cell service.

For now the campsite Lilac and I are in has a road between it and the lake.  There is a beach, and I have a bubbling little stream next to my site helping to drown out the road and boat noises.

It is supposed to rain on Wednesday so I think I am riding out on Monday.

Next post will be on this mini tour. 


  1. Good luck with this mini tour! And while u are in the area Munising and Marquette are marvelous places to visit. Some great bicycle trails in Marquette now. Have fun. Am really enjoying living vicariously thru ur adventures😀love Charlotte

  2. I close my eyes & imagine living your life, & could slip into an anxiety attack so easily. So pleased to know you, happy for your accomplishments, & realize we rarely know people well upon first meeting them & we try to put them in boxes. What a beautiful friendship to have in my life, a strong, talented, positive thinking, woman who is a shining example of what a female can be when she decides what to accomplish in her life.


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