Saturday, June 27, 2020

Drippin' in Florida

Hey there!

It's hot here!  Hot and humid.  I am sitting writing this in front of a huge fan at the shelter by the pool.  Here the WIFI is strong.  There is no WIFI at my campsite.

My air conditioner works in my Weeroll!  I slept with it on last night.  We will see if I will need to use it again tonight.  There aren't critters at this campground and so I have been leaving my doors open with the screens in place.  Trusting that no coons are dogs will come open my bins and eat my food.

Friday, June 26, 2020, we kayaked on the Suwanee River. 

I saw one sturgeon jump.  All the springs were covered by the dark water of the river, so we didn't get to visit any of them.  But the current was swift.

When we got back to camp some of us cooled off in the springs here, which are brown too with the swollen Suwannee.  On the post in the picture you can see the different flood heights from years past.  This flooding is nothing.  There is a stone wall around the spring area, but this year it is completely invisible under the dark waters of the Suwanee River.

One of the sisters ran over an object that punctured her gas tank on her tow vehicle when she was still five hours away.  She rented a U-haul to tow her trailer the rest of the way while mechanics repair her car/truck.   It was challenging trying to back the trailer into a spot.

Below is a picture of Heather my next door neighbor at this resort.  She is pretty cool and very nice.  She has an ice-machine and made me some ice for my drinks.

In the late afternoon we had a yard sale.  All the at-home time during COVID gave us time to gather some things we wanted to get rid of.  We brought them to the yard sale.  I am glad I didn't buy anything.  I brought a lot of stuff to sell but only sold two items.

I put two copies of Alzheimer's Trippin' with George in the sale.  If they don't sell, I can donate them to libraries along my travel routes.

I bought some 50/50 tickets to support Sister Corp which does disaster relief work and other charitable works.

At dinner, Beth from Georgia came to visit my site.  She has done a lot of kayaking in the swamps of Georgia and loves it.  She gave me some ideas and contacts for doing some kayaking and camping in Georgia next spring.  I am thinking March.  I think I booked something with Debra next spring but I think it is in late April.

I heard from a Sister that Florida has had to reduce access to alcohol in bars because so many were not following the rules.  This link will take you to the article in my local paper.   I have been recording the numbers every night since March.  But now without access to WIFI I missed the last couple nights.  I was really surprised to see the numbers had grown so much since I last looked!

Since everything is very politically divided these days, we try very hard not to discuss politics or religion.  It  used to be so easy to do that, we would never even consider talking about such things when gathering with friends. 

Now it is a bit more difficult.  So much of our daily lives is filled with Covid and other news and changes.  It seems strange to create a bubble where the world is just about the weather and hiking, biking, kayaking, health and camping stories. 

All the while seeing some of us with masks on, most without masks.  I am observing that most people assume the comfortable distance of three-feet apart rather than the recommended six feet.  Since many of us are older it is harder to hear each other when we wear masks or sit six feet away. 

Friday night there were smaller gatherings at campsites.  I had some alone time and then went and briefly visited a few.  There are about 30 women at this event and with the physical distance it is better to gather at a few different places.

Saturday morning Robyn and Grace and I went riding. 

Some of the gals are playing corn-hole while I am writing this.  In the pool a bunch of kids are playing Marco Polo.  It is fun to hear them yelling "Marco" and responding "Polo".

The sky is hazy from a dust cloud that has traveled here from the Sierra Desert.  Don't you think it strange that we can be sitting in Florida and breathing in particles from the Sierra Desert.

I am finding it very comfortable to have a little bit of social time and then hours on my own. 

Hey, Mari, Margaret, and Marilyn, I did yoga this morning in my Clam screen tent after the bike ride.  It was great, though I missed having a video to follow.   I know you probably kept to your routine too.
As the day warms, I might hang out in the spring even though the water is dark and scary.  The water in the spring is warm on top and 72 degrees about 12 inches below the surface.  The swimming pool has water so warm it isn't refreshing, so I will do the spring. 

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