Sunday, December 1, 2019

Count Down to Book Launch - Day 3 - Ups and Downs

December 1, 2019

Today I get to go ride the Van Fleet Trail!  I don't know if anyone is going to be riding the trail with me.  It is one of the rides that the Withlacoochee Riders schedule during the winter season.

I DO know that Will Byers and maybe Marie Adams will be riding toward me from Polk City.  (Remember I met up with Will and his group in the Everglades for a moonlight ride on the Shark Valley Trail?)

I probably won't ride all the way to Polk City.  That is 60 miles and my hip doesn't like my trike seat much these days.

I was thinking the other day that my hip started hurting after I changed the webbing on my seat.  The new webbing that Catrike has for the seats has more pockets in back of the seat, BUT it doesn't tighten as much.  The straps are pulled all the way and the webbing still sags.  I want to go back to the old seat!!!  I guess I will contact them and see if they still make them.

Wouldn't it be great if all I have to do is change webbing on my trike seat and my hip/lower back problems will go away???  YES!

This time of year we won't see many gator on the Van Fleet Trail, but there may be snakes and hawks and such.

It is only 3 Days to the launch of The Journey Continues!

I ordered 40 books for the book launches.  I have 20 Large Print and 20 regular print.  I sure hope that is enough.  Last time I ran out, bought more, and now I still have boxes of books of Alzheimer's Trippin' with George in my den.  I don't want to over-buy again.

Both books will be available at the book launch celebrations.

Yesterday I got notice from Candace Tuttle, the narrator for the audio book of THE JOURNEY CONTINUES.  She said she has the changes made that I had asked for.  So I will listen to those and then if it is good, I will send it off to ACX to review.  It takes them 14 business days to review it.  So it may launch the week before Christmas... it could... maybe.  Here is the sample, in case you missed it:

Yesterday I also put out a newsletter for the Withlacoochee Bicycle Riders.  Dick Marr that started the group along with a few others wrote about the history of the group and I thought, since he was resigning from organizing the Christmas ride, now would be a good time to share the history of the group.

Also, yesterday as I was launching the blog post I checked Amazon for the ranking of my books.  There are millions and millions of books available on Amazon, but there are many categories.

And even though I was down about the fact that I am no-where near the goal of 100 pre-orders for The Journey Continues, (only 8 last I checked) I was thrilled when I learned that the first book, Alzheimer's Trippin' with George is #37 in the UK for the category Senior Travel!  Whoo hoo!

In the USA I am #2 in a category.  That's how Amazon drives me forward.  They probably have it figured out, like Facebook.  Give me enough reward that I keep trying, keep pushing.

“Just finished reading a second time. It still...... review gif

I just found another review on The Journey Continues.  Thank you Connie!

"This book is written for anyone who finds themselves in the role of primary caregiver. Susan Straley writes with such honesty and compassion in regards to the joys and hardships caring for a loved one. Susan’s honesty in regard to anger and frustration with the role, while still loving the person, left this reader with a feeling of being understood. The book also demonstrates the ability to find joy, laughter, and love in simple things everyday. I laughed and sometimes cried as I followed George and Susan’s journey and I found strength in regard to my role of primary caregiver; thank you Susan for sharing your strength."  Connie Tice

Reviews on Amazon, Audible, Bookbub and Goodreads are so helpful to authors.  I never knew or I would have been leaving reviews all along.  It seems silly, but each site requires its own review!  I don't have any reviews yet on Bookbub.  Yet a lot of book lovers find their next read through emails sent to them by Bookbub.  Each site I have to set up and attend to.  I was going to advertise the new book on Bookbub and it said it would "blast it out to my followers".  I think I have one follower on Bookbub.  Ha ha.  I decided to go a different route.

Well, I have to pack up and get over to the Van Fleet Trail.  Off to new adventures!  

See you tomorrow... just a few more days to launch!

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