Monday, December 2, 2019

2-Days to Book Launch - The Journey Continues - Alzheimers

December 2, 2019


Wow, can you believe it! Only two days to launch!

So the call... an older man called me last night to wish me Happy Thanksgiving. It was obvious he was nervous and ... interested in not being alone... shall I say. He has never called me before and I have noticed him looking at me with interest.

Gosh, here is the dilemma. I am documenting my on-going journey and now, as a widow my life continues. It feels really uncomfortable to talk about being single and the possibility of future relationships with men in this space. Certainly, I don't want to embarrass anyone or hurt anyone.  So putting up my thoughts and interactions here just seems not right. 

No, I am not interested in sex or even romance. But friendship, companionship, that would be something of interest to me.

But you know what I found going through my head as I talked?

OH! I don't want to admit this because it so fits into the reputation of widows and older single women... or even women in general. I think it is an evolutionary thing... I mean why else would I, a nice woman (really I am) think such a thing. It must be something programmed in my brain.

So here it is: I started wondering how well-off he is. YES! I did! I wanted to know financially if it was a relationship worth pursuing.

Sigh. My bad.


I have been invited to have a table as a resource partner at:

6th Annual Coping with Dementia 
Conference for Caregivers and Families 

January 22, 2020, 9:30-3:30 pm
Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
6 Roosevelt Blvd, Beverly Hills.

If you or someone you know is giving care, be sure to let them know about this event.  I went to these while caring for George and learned so much as well as connected with other caregivers.

Here are some pictures I took yesterday on our ride on the Van Fleet Trail.  This trail goes through the Green Swamp and is very rural.  I love it!

Several times we encountered snakes like the one below.  I saw that it had a diamond shaped head so I kept a distance.  I learned later, when posting the picture on Facebook that is a pygmy rattle snake.  Very poisonous.

The audio version of the first book in the Trippin' Series is doing very well.  I was hoping it would, Robin Siegerman did a wonderful job narrating it.  I don't want the sales to disappoint her.

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