Thursday, November 28, 2019

Count Down to Book Launch - Day 6

Happy Thanksgiving!

Preventing Alzheimer's

A fellow former caregiver told me this week that he thinks those who have cared for someone with dementia tend to worry more about getting the symptoms.

I don't know if that is true, but I was comforted by an article I read recently.

The Alzheimer's Association put out a magazine this fall that has a great article in about genetic testing. In the article it talked about the RESEARCH and the nature vs nurture, genes vs environment.

I will post what they said further down in this post... but right now I have to post....


Well, the kindle pre-orders are still sitting at six (6).  Sigh.  It is what it is! 
The thing is, it sure does keep me busy, promoting the books... video, Facebook, Twitter, events, emails.  

After the launch I may send out my resume to places in Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota.  I want to find a seasonal job near a bike trail.  I think it will be good... but it is scarey for me.  To leave the known and step into the unknown.  Changes to self-image, identity... changes.  Just for the 2020 season and then I don't know.

My friend Debra bought a travel trailer and she is anxious to go on camping trips with me.  I have been looking at trailers and thinking and exploring.  But I can't both work for the season in one location and travel with her or meet up in Idaho for the Trike Rally.  My friends Regis and Cindy will be there and it would be cool to explore the area again with them.  A lot to think about... but not today.

Today is Thanksgiving and I have spent too much time on this blog already.  Got to start getting ready for guests and exercise.

Preventing Alzheimer's

Back to the article.

Early onset Alzheimers (younger than 65 years old) is VERY hereditary.  So if you get tested for the gene, might as well just  plan on getting it.

BUT old age Alzheimer's (after 65) may have a gene marker, but the market is just one factor of many that will influence whether you get the disease.

Other factors -- ways to boost your "environment" to prevent Alzheimer's.

Don't Smoke
Limit Alcohol consumption
Eat a healthy diet
Be physically active
Engage in cognitively stimulating activites

The biggest influencer is the older you get, the higher the risk.  So just plan on dieing before you get it, I guess...

Where do I get your books?

Oh!  I forgot to tell you where to find the information about ordering the book directly from me.  It is under contacts.


I received a complimentary copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this independent review. Having just finished listening to it, I'm extremely grateful Alzheimer's Trippin' with George came my way. What a special book this is, succinctly and candidly capturing the highs and lows that a dementia diagnosis can bring. It's written with real passion (the author is not afraid to show things just as they are) and the searingly honest and detailed narrative pulls a real punch. For me, it is the detail which makes this book unique and creates a book all caregivers will identify with and learn from. There's a natural, relaxed writing style here and a great narration from Robin Siegerman. A unique account of a unique road-trip. Insightful, humorous and emotional.
Paddy Hartnett
Member of The Society for Editors and Proofreaders

I am grateful this Thanksgiving that YOU read to the end of this blog!

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