Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Coming Soon - Count Down to Launch and Holidays


It is Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Today I was interviewed on our local TV station.  They were nice enough to share the program with me.  I added the captions to clarify what we were talking about.  It is about nine minutes.

How do you like that cover picture?  Ha ha, what does it look like?  Leave a comment and let me know. 

The big thing was I offered the first 20 people who sign up to Join the fun here on this blog a FREE download of the Audio Book of Alzheimer's Trippin' with George.  If you don't get email alerts to let you know I have posted, then you need to click the "Join the Fun" tab above and enter you email.

So... first about the books and then about the rest of life...


Some of you have been asking when book two THE JOURNEY CONTINUES will be out on ebook.   You have been anxiously awaiting.

December 4th it launches!   And guess what!  You can pre-order the ebook now and it will download on Wednesday, December 4th!

The price bumps up when it launches.  So now is the time to get it.

Then on December 4th, if you are in the Inverness area, come help me celebrate in the morning at 10 a.m.  

I will do a reading from the book and then I will hang out as long as people want to.  I will sell and sign books.  I will have the first book there also and the LARGE PRINT!!!
A reader that is also a support group leader is highly recommending THE JOURNEY CONTINUES on Facebook and in her groups.  High praise!  She loves that I actually talk about how I dealt with bowel incontinence step by step.  She has not found that kind of instruction in any other Alzheimer's book, and she has read a lot of them.

I did a series of videos when I launched the first book, counting down to the launch date.  I will TRY to do something similar this time.  Short videos about what is happening as we approach the launch.

Currently there have been FIVE pre-orders.  I am a LONG way from the my goal of 100!  But then, it won't be the first or last time I have to work very hard to reach a goal... with no guarantees I will reach it.  We will see!  I will keep you posted in the count-down videos.

I got the first draft of the audio book for THE JOURNEY CONTINUES.  I am starting the process of listening and taking notes.  I have a hard time not comparing this voice actress with the one that did the first book.  I wonder if the readers are going to expect the same voice for both books.  The first voice actress, Robin Siegerman, was booked through the winter, so I hired a different one.

Candace Tuttle is good, her style is different, and her voice is pleasant.  This audio-book will be different but still have a good quality production and a clear voice. 

Here is her sample.


I love how the sales are going on Audible for ALZHEIMER'S TRIPPIN' WITH GEORGE.  The audio adds a whole new dimension to our story.  If you have already read the book and enjoyed it, I guarantee you will also enjoy the Audio version.

I imagine other bicyclists listening as they travel like we did from trail to trail.  Or other caregivers and those just diagnosed out on a trip to try to grab as much of life as they can while they can.  It makes me smile.

If you are thinking about starting an Audible account and are buying my audio book,  use this link I will get a bonus from Audible!

It is available on:


Wow, I just found the audio book on itunes to create the link above and I gotta tell you, it was thrilling to see my name up there.  Wow.

And then I saw that my interview on Fading Memories Podcast was up there too.  Pretty cool.  Itunes!


On Sunday, November 24th I will be at the Citrus Writers Book Fair.  If you are out that way, stop by and say "Hi".


Those of us living and riding the Withlacoochee State Trail have been watching the construction workers revamping two parks that sit side by side along the Withlacoochee in Inverness, Florida.  It was a major redesign.  They added pathways, a shelter for the farmers' market, places for bands to play, half walls where people can sit, showers for sweaty bikers and boaters, kayak launch and rental place, docks, bathrooms, an adult fitness area with chin-up bars and sit-up bench, an amazing fenced-in playground for kids.  It was expensive to do, but exciting to watch.

On Saturday after our Withlacoochee Bicycle Riders breakfast at the Hen House, many of us went down to watch the ribbon cutting and to get a tour of the parks.  You know why two parks are side by side?  One, Wallace Brooks Park, was for the African American Community.  Even in 1968 after all the civil rights marches and exposure of the Jim Crow south, they were created separate facilities based on the color of your skin.  That was when Wallace Brooks Park was created.

It was a cool 50-degree day after a long hot fall.  The breeze was brisk.  Many of our group and the crowd did the tour but didn't hang out.   A guy hired to play jazz was on the stage playing with no audience.

Some of us went over to Cattle Dog afterward to warm up over hot drinks.  It was fun to see Regis and Cindy back on the trail.



The holidays are coming.  I have about 18 people coming over for Thanksgiving!

We are all bicyclists and that is what binds us.  I invite folks who don't have any family in the area to celebrate with and who play well with others.  Many of them have come every year for several years.  They are my extended family here.  Many of them stepped in to help when I was care-giving and George was living with dementia symptoms.

I was going to make the turkey, but one of the attendees offered to do it.   Everyone else is bringing a dish to share too.  So I won't have a lot to do for this event.  Set-up and wait.  My friend Beth is coming over early to help greet people and get the food set up for the buffet so if my hip gives me trouble I can sit down a while.

I called my doctor and made an appointment again.  This will be the 6th time I have been to a doctor about this hip/back/leg thing.  The healthcare system is very frustrating.

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