Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wow! Alzheimer's Trippin' on Audible! Interview

Howdy howdy!

Can you believe it??? I posted yesterday that I was waiting for the audio book to be launched by Amazon and Audible and Itunes. This morning it was there!

I made a short link for you.

So you can send the link to your friends and post it on your social media.

Thanks again to Robin Siegerman the Voice Actor who put so much life and fun into my writing.  What a thrill.

Here is a short link to the sample so you can share that with friends too if you want to.

Podcast Interview Coming Soon!

And then, I went up on Twitter to let folks know and saw that the interview I had with Jennifer of the Fading Memories Podcast is going to go LIVE on November 5th.  It says 5 a.m.  Is that my time or her time?  She is in California.

Whoo hoo!

Can we stand any more excitement?

Thanks for being part of this new "trip"!

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