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Learning more about Dementia Care and still saying goodbye

I should have known.

I kind of knew.

Sometimes I lay out on the bed the clothes that I want George to put on after his shower.  I stay in the shower after I wash and rinse him.  He goes out, dries himself and gets dressed.

So when I laid my pants on the end of the bed, I kind of had a nudge in my brain that that wasn't a good idea to leave them there.

After his shower he put his bike shoes on instead of his tennis shoes.  No big deal.  When I tell him he has my pants on, the words do not register with him.  He just smiles and does his nervous, teary laugh.  He wore my pants for the rest of the day.

On Saturday after our bike ride I got him undressed, glasses and watch off, and into the shower.  Then, like I have done in the past I rush to get things ready for when he gets out.  I might set his clothes out, I get a fresh towel out and place the old one on the floor.  I get myself undressed to get in the shower with him to wash all the places he forgets to wash.

I have to make sure t…