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Pensacola and Tammany

 Hello,   As I write this I am sitting in my Weeroll facing the open back doors. I am looking into the woods.  In my big screened window I see the woods has quite the variety of trees, not like the pine forests in Ochlockonee River State Park.  Among the trees within 50 feet of my chair I see:  Tall Long Leaf Pine; Oak, Magnolia, and what I think is a Maple.  The dirt is dark and damp, the lower vegetation is sparse, indicating a population of deer.    The fan is sending a nice steady stream of air on the back of my head and shoulders.  The heat has been high and the humidity thick at times.  I am looking forward to heading north a bit, starting tomorrow.  The evening before I left Ochlockonee State Park I got a knock at my door.  It was my campground neighbor from across the way.  Susan just wanted to let me know she enjoyed meeting me and wanted to keep in touch!  How nice is that!   She shared that her husband was 10 years older than her and that they often talk about what they wil

Smiling in the Moon Light

Hey there! It is my last day on the Ochlockonee River.  I discovered after my last post that I missed one of those "o"s. The Brown Bird Yesterday while doing yoga in the grass I saw the Brown Thrasher bird that is  by my campsite feeding a chick next to the saw meadow palms.  The little chick would run back into the cover of the palms on occasion.  No wonder the adult zoomed at me the other day when I played the Brown Thrasher call I found on the internet.   It is interesting how when I learn a new bird species name it often becomes my new favorite bird.  This one has a lovely repertoire of  melodies like the mocking bird, which was/is a favorite too.   The White S quirrel There are white squirrels in this campground too.  Unlike the white squirrels in Wisconsin, these have a dusty streak of black down the back of their head and shoulders.  Like they crawled under a dirty car. The other day I was looking up at one and of course looking up you see things... I noticed that thi

Journey Begins Fully Vaccinated

 Greetings from Ochlockonee River State Park!   I am SW of Tallahassee, FL by the St Marks Wildlife Refuge (which is huge!).  Today I am going to go ride the St Marks Rail Trail, so I hope to make this short. News Maria, the woman that was going to be traveling with me had to cancel for health reasons.  She is bummed, I am bummed. The first part of my trip she was going to be traveling in her RV right along with me.  I definitely miss her presence already.  I planned my route keeping her in mind.   The good news is I have had my second vaccine shot for COVID19!  Some of the fear has faded.  I am hugging friends that also have had the vaccine.  I have dined inside restaurants with them.    I didn't have to go to all the way to St. Augustine for the second vaccine.  I was able to get it at  Winn Dixie closer to home.  My symptoms were mild to non-existent. Traveling Solo Ok, I traveled alone last year, but I had arranged to meet up with folks all along the way.  This time I didn'