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Thank You For Caring, I Am Cozy

 Life is full.

I am getting back into biking with friends, sometimes 30-40 miles.  Between that and preparing meals and taking care of "stuff".  A bike day is all used up.

I have set up my kitchen table/sink out in the screen tent.  It's a great place to chop veggies and dine.  I get my exercise going in and out of the trailer a dozen times getting things, putting things back.  


The neighbors at the RV park were having Happy Hour out in their front yard one day watching me and marveling on my ability to go up and down so many times as I had to go in and out of Lilac.  

That particular evening I was more busy because I was getting ready to have some friends from Windermere (my house neighborhood) over for snacks and Pizza.   Setting out chairs and tables and dishes. 


Another thing that fills my life and time is my part-time job.

I am working part-time helping out my friend, Jean. Sometimes there is no work, and then there is stuff that keeps me busy for a few days.  I like it!  It is perfect for me.  And Jean is soooo appreciative.  Yesterday she wrote me a bonus check as a big thank you.  Thank YOU, Jean!

I keep thinking, I want to write to you.  I want to keep in touch!

But the weather has been soooo lovely here.  It can be 45 degrees in the morning and 70's in the afternoon.

There is always something fun calling to me.  Who wants to sit inside when I have the freedom to be outside? 

So when a cold spell came swooping down from the north this weekend, I was grateful for it.  Now I may have some inside time for writing to you.  

I am COZY!

So many good people have offered a room in their home if I get too cold in my little trailer.  

"I am serious, Sue, you are welcome to come sleep in our guest room.  I won't even fuss and try to feed you.  You can just come and go as you please," insists my friend Margaret each time I see her.  She is so awesome! I love her.

Today I got an email from Lois wondering if I was keeping warm.  Tomorrow night it will dip down to 29 degrees.


Here is the scoop for all of you who are wondering and worried.

I have two little space heaters.  I had only one until a few days ago.  I keep one in arms reach of my bed, so in the morning before I get up I can reach over and turn it up to take some chill out of the air before I get up and get dressed.

 I also was concerned about the moisture that gathers on the windows on cold nights.  So I bought a mini-dehumidifier.  It was only $35 and it isn't 100% but keeps my bedding from feeling wet and less moisture collects on the windows and frames by the doors where there is no place to put insulation.


I have two space heaters now because the other day I reached over to turn up the heater and it quit on me!  It wouldn't start up again.  I was grateful that happened on a 45 degree morning and not a 20 degree morning.  I quickly got dressed and ran to Lowes to get a new one.  When I got back to Lilac I tried the old heater again and it started right up.  Now when I return from being out and it is really cold I get both heaters going and in no time I am peeling off jackets and scarves.

I like spending so much time outside.  When the sun goes down, if I am not in front of the computer screen, my energy goes down too.  I sleep better, and that is a very good thing.

Frankie and Dennis are happy to be renting my house.  I have visited them a couple times.  It was interesting how the second time I felt less attached to the stuff I left there.  "It would be easier to let it go now," I thought.  

Frankie says she feels guilty that I am in the little trailer while they are enjoying the house.  "This is an experiment I wanted to do," I tell her.  "I am happy to have people I know and trust renting it."

Sometimes I step out to use my screen room kitchen to brush my teeth or wash some dishes after dark.  Sometimes I walk to the showers after the sun has set.  It feels so nice to be out under the stars.  Recently I got to enjoy the full moon!  Something I rarely did when I was closed up in the big house.


Since I am parked here for three months I covered the wheel facing the sun.  Pretty, hey?

Plans for 2022

Cindy just contacted me today.  It is time to make plans for next Christmas.  In Florida the good camping places fill up as soon as they are available to rent.  That is 11 months before your camping date.  So today I made my reservations for next Christmas!  

 Might as well go camping, I expect that COVID will still be an issue that will keep me and my friends for having a big holiday party.  Life sure is changing, isn't it?

Speaking of plans for 2022, did I tell you I have a "Camp Host" volunteer position for a month this summer?  Yes, it is at a Wisconsin State Forest Campground near Boulder Junction and Minocqua, Wisconsin.  I will be 45 minutes from my sister, and right on a paved trail for the whole month of July.  

The thing about the gig is it doesn't have electric power.  So I will be researching portable power stations and maybe a solar array. I was already wanting to try camping without shore-power.  This will force me to take that step. My friends Keith M. and Bill D. have sent me links to videos of people reviewing the different ones available.  So much to learn!  And oh oh, another big decision... do I get enough power to run my microwave? Coffee pot?  What about the fridge?  I think I will use my fridge like an ice-box and just keep things cool in it and buy bags of ice.  

I just looked at how much power the little heater takes.  Oh my, I hope it isn't cold in July or I would need 1500 watts!


Blessed with Fun and Friends

Here are some pictures from some of the fun with friends I have had since I have been in Florida.



I keep training and recently I jumped this high 10 times.  And I am still going back to the hood to attend exercise and yoga sessions that a few of us do in the clubhouse three days a week.


I danced downtown with friends, Sandee, Dave, and Marilynn.


Attended a fun Christmas Party at Michael and Susan's (Thanks again you guys!).  Pictured here are a couple of the better-dressed attendees, Bette and Paul.

I went birding with Diane, MaryAnn, and Cindy.  What fun!  Thank you!

I went to High Tea with Marilyn, Linda and Sheila.  I didn't expect to have so much fun playing dress-up.  What a blast.

 I attended a recumbent rally on the Withlacoochee Trail.  It is interesting how you really connect with people and then you don't see them again for several years.  

I went with Frankie and Dennis to the Drum Circle at Fort Island Beach.  There must have been 300 people there.  I danced and danced.

Ann and Fred and Jean and a small bunch of us biked to Front Porch for pie.  It was such a lovely day and we all stuck together for the ride.

I hope you are finding ways to enjoy life.  A good book, a cup of something warm or cold, a conversation.


I have not been working on book three.  It will come... or not.  

The other day a new neighbor at this RV park asked how to get hold of my books.  "Amazon!" I said.  Then I found my last copy of the sunset cover in a box in my storage unit.  I left it on a chair in front of her trailer.

If it stays cold enough long enough, maybe I will get to working on that kind of writing and book promotion.  While I was at the storage unit I pulled out the edited papers my friendly-editors did up for me.   

We will see what comes.


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