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Sisters On The Fly Reunion

 If things are not going well, just wait it out, things will change.   I last wrote to you when I was at Bald Ridge Creek Campground in Cumming, GA Northeast of Atlanta.  It was a very nice campground and it wasn't far to get to an Anytime Fitness to start working on getting my straight posture back. I had mentioned there were lots of children at the campground.  It was energizing to see them running, playing, riding, and swimming. A woman walked up to get a closer look at Lilac.   Gabriella lives nearby in Cumming and when I asked about all the children, she said that she was part of a group of parents with children in a Catholic School.   The group has a camping outing at this campground twice a year.  The children attend school two days a week and are home schooled three days a week. She said that she has four children.  She told me there were families there with nine children and seven children.   I told her it was a delight to see active slim children running and playing for h

Rough Nomad Start

Regret is useless.  So, I push it away when it rears its ugly head.  I keep envisioning a waterfall.  I can't hold out my hand and stop it.  I certainly can't reverse it.  Instead, I push through, I learn, I go forward. The DMV I was nervous going to the DMV.  Though there are thousands of people living as Nomads in this country, and all of those that drive themselves around the country need a Driver's License.  That is what I was telling myself.  Some of them live in tents, right?  So living in a trailer that is registered as a utility trailer shouldn't be a problem. I called Connie, who has been living in her van until recently.  She is the one who directed me to Green Cover Springs for mail service and to establish my address in Florida.  She reassured me that the folks at the DMV were very knowledgeable.  Thousands of nomads make Green Cove Springs their address.  They know how to do this.  She didn't need an appointment when she did it, pre-covid.  I was comfor