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Cold Camping In Florida

 It is Christmas morning and I am camping on St. George Island off the coast of the panhandle of Florida. I am snuggled under a folded over quilt and a folded over down comforter.  The little space heater I use in Lilac has been working hard all night.  It is still cool in the camper outside my bed so when my alarm goes off.  I lay there and wonder why I should get up.  I mean, really, it is too cold to go out and walk or ride.  It is Christmas afterall. But then I remember how wonderful the starry night was on Christmas Eve. How beautiful the sunrise was the previous morning.   I remembered that it would be fun to send Steve a sunrise picture or two.   I pull the covers off.  I am already half dressed in two long-sleeve shirts and a light sweatshirt and long underwear.   I turn on the coffee maker and finish putting on many more layers.  Ending with a wind breaker because these days the wind blows the cold right through to your skin. Sleep - A Senior's Dilemma I have the alarm set

The Journey to Life on Wheels

 Hello, Wow!  Life is a trip. I am feeling younger and stronger.  How? You may ask.   I took my trike to the shop in Inverness.   I was slowing down and I thought it was me.  My bike buddies were trying to talk me into getting an electric motor for my trike.  I resisted.   I wanted an annual check up and lube job on my trike before I left on my travels north. I left the trike there for them to work on.  Shortly after, the mechanic called me.  It turns out that my trike chain was a mess. There is a little guide wheel under the seat of my trike.  There is a little bar that keeps the chain from jumping off the wheel when I shift or hit a bump.   Some how the chain had gotten on the wrong side of that guide bar.  The mechanic said that the chain had sawed half way through that bar, the sawing had ruined the chain and my back cog and more. It took a few days for them to get all the parts and fix it.  Boy, did it ride nice when I got it back! Now when I ride with the group, I can keep up.  I