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Books coming soon!

This blog is being published into two books!

The first is scheduled to be released on March 21, 2019.  Mark your calendar!  Find out what I have added and removed from the original blog of our journey around the North Western United States of America.


Diagnosis to Discovery in 10,000 Miles
By Susan Straley

What would you do if you learned that your spouse or partner has progressive dementia, possibly Alzheimer’s disease? 
This is the brutally honest journal of one spouse and reluctant caregiver that “ran for the hills.” Of course she took her husband George along. 
What challenges did Susan encounter?  Can she enjoy the present — a journey across the U.S.A. -  while worrying about the future?  How do she and George deal with his increasing dementia symptoms? 
And the biggest question of all, after 40 years together, can they remain married and loving through it all?  Travel along with George and Susan.  You will learn, you will laugh and maybe sh…

Months Pass

December 9, 2018

I am doing well.

I just wanted to let you readers know, I am continuing to do the things George and I did together.  Bike, yoga, visiting family, dining with friends...

I am also filling out applications for part-time work and spending many hours turning this blog into a book.

So you will start seeing pages disappear as I save and then remove posts from the beginning.

I am excited about the possibility of having others read our story and benefit from it.  I have decided to give a portion of each sale to the Alzheimer's Family organization that provides funds to caregivers for respite care or to Alzheimer's disease research.

You can look for the book in the next few months on Amazon Kindle.

Alzheimer's Trippin' With George


Alzheimer's Trippin' With George-The Journey Continues

I am hopeful that family and friends of those who are giving care will read the second book at least.  It is a testament, I think, to the difference a friend can make …

Sleep, the game changer

I have an alarm on the bedroom door where George sleeps.  I have wondered if it was loud enough to wake me while I am sleeping at the other end of the house.  This morning I found out.

The alarm sounded.  I got up and I left the den where I had been sleeping wonderfully.  I glanced at the digital clock above the kitchen stove.  It is 4 a.m.

George is standing outside the bedroom in his pull-ups. 

"George, it is the middle of the night." I say knowing at I say it that I am wasting my breath.

George echos, "Middle of the night."

I walk past him into the bedroom knowing that he will follow me.  The room smells of urine and I know his bed is wet.

He stands in front of the toilet trying to go pee.  He is all peed out.  He usually is by the time he gets to the toilet.  I get a rag soapy and wash and rinse him down as he stands there.

"It's 4 in the morning, George," I tell him.  "You have to go back to bed."

But I can tell by his wide eyed look t…