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Fun Times While Living With Alzheimer's


Even though we aren't traveling right now, we are still on a great journey.  This wild roller coaster style trip living with dementia.

The fun times...

And the times when I try to remain calm and I tell George (as he would have said before his brain started deteriorating) "It is what it is."

Right now it is January, 2017 and our snow-bird friends have arrived.  I want to host lots of dinners and parties and gatherings.  I want to attend lots of fun activities and go on long all-day rides.  It is what we have done since we moved to Florida. But even with all the busy-ness...

I miss you.

I miss sharing the little things that happen day to day.  I miss having each of you with me in those moments.  I miss thinking how this moment looks from the OUTSIDE.

I am afraid.  I am afraid if I don't record these moments that they will be lost in the fog of my own memory which too will fade someday.  I am afraid that when George passes I will be overwhelmed with …