Friday, March 20, 2020

Botanical Delights and Strains of Solo Travel


It is Thursday, and my brother, my sister-in-law and her granddaughter Tasha are at LOVES truck stop souvenir shopping.  Tasha has promised to bring souvenirs home to her kids. 

My nephew's wife texts me, "Where are you?"

I text her back and with 15 minutes they are there to wisk me off for some sight-seeing.  YEAH!!!

They take me to the Botanical Gardens.  I am excited because I have heard that the desert really blooms after a rain, and it sure has been raining!

They also took me to the hole in the rock which was next door. 

Thank you Tom and Sara, Jack and Mike for taking me along on your tourist adventures!

We then returned to my brother's home and prepare to all go together to dinner.  Some bars and restaurants were already closing due to the COVID-19 virus. We all were still in denial, I think.

Feeling the Fear

It is Friday, 3/13/2020.  I am still in Arizona.  I have moved on from staying at my brother's home to an Airbnb five miles away.  It was in my plan to be here.   The host of the house doesn't live here.  I came in late at night and I don't know if there is anyone else staying here, though I did see a car in the driveway last night.

The owners come in and clean with soap that contains too much perfume.  But it is clean and dry and the window works so I can let fresh air in. 

The evening before was stressful.  We have had too much together time, and my efforts to be helpful came across as intrusive.  Some words were said that hit where I know my personality is faulty.  Though I love being a strong woman, sometimes I plow ahead without consulting others and I step on people's toes. 

I think it got to me even more because I was trying so hard to not be a bother but an asset.  I didn't sleep well, and this morning I feel ... almost sick from the hang-over and stress.

Plus, right now, with the Covid-19 scare growing world-wide, any inkling of illness makes one more afraid than normal.  We all become a little more like a hypochondriac.  It is only natural to wonder.  And then trying to figure out how to fix my personality flaw or if I should even try at the ripe old age of 66 has me missing George so much.

I miss having someone at my side to love me anyway.  Someone to hold my hand, provide a warm hug.  Someone to talk to about the ache in my heart and the funky feeling and the fear.

I want to be home.  My good friend Debra calls me "The General".  She knows about and has experienced my personality quirk and accepts it as just a part of me.  I miss her.

I am sitting on the edge of my bed in the small den/bedroom that is my room for four nights.  I call my sister, feeling very alone and needing to hear her voice.  She doesn't answer, I leave a message.

A few minutes later she calls me back.  She was just going to call me, she said.  She went to the Rhinelander, WI library and there was my book on display,  Alzheimer's Trippin' with George!  She took pictures and sent them to me.

I told her I was thinking I should change my flight because I was afraid they would cancel flights because of the COVID.  I told her I had not planned my trip well.  I was trying to get around by trike but didn't plan any rides or destinations and it was threatening rain all the time.  I told her about the stressful last evening and I started to cry.

She said such wonderful kind words and encouraged me to change my flight and head home early.

Ok,  I am supposed to be a person that travels and enjoys different places.  I see myself as a strong independent woman.  But when I am traveling solo and hit a snag, I am not such a good traveler.  I just want to be home.

I change my flight.  Southwest allows the change without penalty, but inevitably, the new flight costs over $200 more.

Friend From the Past


I had planned on meeting a childhood friend for breakfast on Saturday.  Right after I changed my flight I notified her of my plan changes and she offered to drive me to the airport!   Whoo hoo!  Thank you, Jan!   

I then called my brother and he wanted to join us for breakfast on Saturday, before I left.

In the morning on Saturday I rode the trike the 18 miles back to Bob and Rose's to return it.  I arrived at 8:30 a.m. and I had time to chat with them a while before they headed out for a ride on their trikes.  Rose was packing for a ski trip.  I have yet to call to see if she actually went.

At 9:15 I met my brother at the entrance to their gated community.

Larry drove me to the restaurant where we were to meet Jan and her husband Doug.  I had chose a restaurant by a high-speed train stop thinking I was going to take the train to the airport.

Thank you so much for taking the time and effort, Larry.  I feel loved!  

My only regret is I didn't get a picture of Larry and me together.   

Before we parted ways he took a picture of Me, Doug, and Jan.

Why didn't we think at that point to get a picture of Larry and me?   "Regrets, I have a few..."

When I scooted into the back seat of Jan's car she had my book, Alzheimer's Trippin with George on the seat!  She had just gotten it and she asked me to sign it.

When I got on the plane to Tampa, Florida, I got out my germ-fighting wipes and wiped down the buckle, the table, the arms the window... anything I thought I would touch.   I didn't accept any snacks or beverages on the flight.  I was grateful that the seat next to me was empty.

When I got home I wanted to hug everyone.  I was SOOO glad to be home.  But, no hugging.  We are doing the "Social Distancing" now to greatly reduce the rate of transmission of Covid-19.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Corona Light - Going with the Flow in Arizona

Tuesday, March 10, 2019

Before I talk about my trip I want you to know Alzheimer's Trippin' with George e-book is on sale through April 1st at $2.99. 

It is Monday morning. I am pedaling the e-assist Scorpion recumbent tricycle that my friend Bob has loaned me.  I am riding toward my brother's home south of Phoenix.  Google bike map has directed me down a bike trail along one of the many canals in the area.

Every once in a while I am pushing the orange-painted plexiglass wind-shield away from me and studying how it is attached.  In time it creeps back toward me and my right foot starts going click click click as it hits the shield.  I know I could tighten it, do I remember where I put the tools?

I am wondering if I can remove the wind-shield along with the canvas sun canopy that protects the rider from the strong Arizona desert sun.   The canopy keeps bumping the back of my helmet and it takes extra energy to fight against the head-wind and to keep my zen-cool with the annoying scrape each time I turn my head.

I am glad to be on this bike path, though.   I am grateful for the loan of the great trike.  I am especially glad to not be driving in the traffic that I see on the streets that I cross.

I am pushing and panting even though the path is flat and smooth, the weather is just the right temperature, and I have an e-assist motor.

"Why is it so hard?" I wonder.  And I wonder if I just need an attitude adjustment or if the struggle is real.

I look at the e-assist monitor and discover that the power is already at 48.9.  I have only gone about six miles!  Later I realize that I must not have had it fully powered when I started the ride.

I stop and check the tires and realize the right front tire seems squishy.  Not bad enough that I need to change the tire, but it would be nice if I could pump more air into it.   Only, I realize after a call to Bob, that I don't have a pump for such tasks, all I have is a cartridge and a spare.  I don't want to use the cartridge to just add a little air to a low tire.   

While I am contemplating my options, a rider stops and asks if I need help.  Thank goodness for thoughtful bikers!  He pumps up the two front tires for me.  One of the tires is missing a stem cap.  When he finishes pumping, the stem starts leaking air and blowing bubbles.  I take the stem cap from the other tire and move it to the leaking stem.  Problems solved.

I get back on the bike and start to pedal.  The e-assist monitor still reads it is losing power.  I have only about 10 miles to go, but the weight of the trike is over 100 lbs with the battery, my 20 lbs of luggage, and all the extras on this sturdy trike.  I worry that I will have to really struggle to get the trike all the way to my brother's home.  I turn down the power to level one and I pedal hard.  At least I am getting some exercise.

When I get only two miles from my brother's I punch up the power and make it to his home with power still in the high 40's.

There is a prediction of rain in the forecast.  Yes, I have traveled to the desert where it rarely rains and the weatherman is predicting three days of rain this week.  The good news is that I have heard the desert is lovely after a rain.  Desert plants wait for the rain to bloom so the desert blossoms after a nice rain.  My brother makes room in his garage of the trike to protect it from the rain.  Thank you, Larry!

I plug it in and hope it powers up ok so I can make it to my lodging tonight.  I have arranged to stay at an Affordable Travel Club member's home.  The problem is it is 26 miles from Larry's home and I have booth the threat of rain and that hard ride I just experienced to worry me.  Bob had taken me for a drive the night before.  He took me over to the neighborhood where my host lives and I learned that the last few miles are all uphill.    I am worried about the ride later that day, if I buzz through the power I will be miserable and painfully slow climbing the last bit of the ride up a mountainside.   Two miles and hour takes an hour to go just 2 miles.

My brother's wife Peggy/Lenore is going to be celebrating her 80th birthday on Tuesday and has invited relatives to come for the party.  Their house will be full of blow-up mattresses and people on the couch. 

We are sitting out on the lovely back patio overlooking the golf course when I see very dark clouds approaching in the distance.

As we sit we sometimes check our phones and we learn that the NBA has canceled its games due to the COVID-19 virus.  This blows me away.  This must be serious for a big company to give up major money making opportunites.

Later, I express my concerns about riding in the rain with my friends battery and electronics exposed.  Larry offers for me to stay on the couch or on a cot  on the patio.  I like the idea of being outside on the patio.  But then it starts to sprinkle.   He has a tent-cot but it isn't like the one I have, it is hard to assemble.   So I move the cot into the garage.  Yes!  I have shelter, I am comfortable and protected, at least for one night!

I call the Affordable Travel Club (ATC) hosts to let them know I am going to show up a day late.  The hosts tell me they were going to cancel the reservation anyway because they are both over 65 and I was from Florida and the Covid-19 virus was in the community in Florida.  They were too afraid.  

What?  Me?  A pariah?

The fear of the Covid-19 (Flu) has reached me too.  I didn't blame the hosts.  

I had even thought of using this trike to ride all the way home instead of getting on a plane again.  Man!  Arizona is a LOONNG way from my home in Florida.  It would take me two months to get there by trike!

I had thought of changing my flight and getting home before the fear spread even more and Southwest Airline started canceling flights.  I had packed disinfectant wipes and used them to wipe down my table and arms and seat buckle on the plane on the flight here.   

Fear is the enemy.  People are buying up all the toilet paper in some areas because they are afraid of being isolated or running out. 

Anyway, I was glad to be staying with people I knew.  The cot is comfortable, and we left the door of the garage up a few inches so I had nice fresh air.

I remember when I was hunting for a place to stay, there wasn't much around here close by.  I guess I am staying here three nights.  I worry that my added presence will be an added strain on my brother and sister-in-law.  I vow to myself to be as helpful and self-sufficient as possible during my stay with them.

Then I will move on to an Airbnb.  It is only five miles away so I will still be able to come back and visit.

The Party and the Ride

On Tuesday Lenore's family begins to arrive.  Then Larry's sons and their spouses.  It was fun to meet new people and re-connect with my nephews and their partners.

The party was in a room at the club house.  Several of us went over early to set up.  The thing is, we never thought about decorating until someone mentioned it at the party, sorry Peggy!  The picture below is Peggy not looking at all like 80 and her granddaughter, Tasha.

It was a full room and it was fun taking pictures with my nephews and their spouses.

 I ate too much at the party and then we went home and I ate some more.  Larry bought pizza and I ate a bunch of that.

Mary, Lenore's daughter, wanted to take a spin on Larry's golf cart.  It turned out my trike was fully re-charged so I took a spin around the neighborhood with her.  It was an easy ride.  I rode in front of the golf cart zig zagging around and waving at neighbor's.  It was fun.

The WIFI went out at Larry's.  Probably because there were so many of us accessing it.  So I am writing this on my iPad in Notes.  I will copy and paste it when I get a chance and the WIFI is back up.

While I was writing this in the kitchen, Mary came into the room and we chatted.  She had major surgery in 2019 and had most of her colon removed.  She now lives with an colostomy bag.  I asked her about infections, since I have a friend with an exterior bladder bag and he has had a couple hospital stays due to infection.

She said no infections but the tape on the skin is tough on her skin.  OUCH!  Can you imagine!  Taking layers off you skin each time you pull it off.   She is learning tricks that help.  She told me due to the medical issues and time off work, she lost everything.   

Mary is a sweet  and kind woman who has been through hell.  I am feeling grateful for my gut, my skin, and my good fortune.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, we want to visit a museum.  It is supposed to rain all day.  But then I remembered that Larry and Lenore's bridge group wanted me to speak at 1:00 about the books

The Alzheimer's Presentation

Wednesday, 3/11/2020

What a hoot!

A couple players from my brother's Bridge Club had asked him to have me speak to them while I was visiting.  So they set up Wednesday at 1:00.  They never got in touch with me so I had no clue how many participants or how long they wanted me to speak or even the focus of the talk other than it was "about the books."  Which Larry had shared with them.

I walked to the clubhouse at 12:30 and entered the room that Larry had told me they had reserved for the talk.  There was a group in there just setting up to do something with essential oils.  They had the room, their leader said.  I checked the schedule on the door and my "Author Talk" was on there for 1:00. But the Essential Oil Leader wouldn't look at the schedule and insisted they had the room.  

There was a divider in the room and I said we could close the divider and they could have half and we have half.  

"No," Ms. Essential Oils said.

She told me the next room wasn't being used.  It was scheduled for crafts.  

"No one ever comes for crafts," says the Essential Oils Lady.  "You can use that room."  

So we go in that room.  About six of our clan that is visiting for my sister-in-law's birthday and three Bridge Club members show up.

We giggled over the change and our ability to go with the flow.  Someone suggested that Ms. Essential Oils needed to hear the talk.

At 1:00 I started talking about George's dementia story.  I emphasized finding the person that remains in spite of the disease.  There is still life that goes on after the diagnosis.  At 1:05 in walks a woman with a walker and three others.  They are crafters and need the room.

After some shuffling, we used the room divider and moved into the smaller section.  Our small audience gathered around those felt card-game tables with pockets in them.  We got another laugh out of our ability to adapt.   Some had been paying attention enough and were able to remind me where I had stopped in my presentation.  Thank you!

No one in the audience was currently a caregiver, but they all were attentive and I hope they learned something - like don't force your person to do anything they refuse to do.

I told them that the short-term memory is gone.  So just say, "Ok, of course you don't have to."   A while later, try again.   Let them win, be respectful and empathetic.  Let them be comfortable.  It is scary for someone with dementia to not recognize things and people.   So much to tell, but I cut it short and answered questions.

Thank you, Bridge Club for the warm welcome and to Peggy's family for being supportive.

We didn't make it to the museum.  Instead we met my nephews at a restaurant.  There were 12 of us there... this is before the COVID-19 warnings were sinking in and being accepted.  The restaurant was packed.

Sunday, March 8, 2020

First E-assist Trike Ride by Mesa, Arizona

March 7, 2020

I love seeing Bob and Rose again.  They are such down-to-earth, open people.  And so much fun to be around.

When Bob picked me up at the airport he told me he would be in a white van.  I watched as white van after white van went by door 6 where I stood on the curb waiting.  I studied each driver looking for Bob's signature wild hair.   As soon as I saw him I smiled big, he did not disappoint me.

Later when Rose was mentioning he refused to cut his hair, Bob mentioned it was his protection from the Arizona sun...  Like his own built in sun umbrella.  I love it!

Rose and Bob's white van has built in bunk beds for when they are traveling.  What a great way for me to get used to sleeping in my Weeroll!  I slept soundly in their van in front of their home and they even provided a bucket for me to pee into.  Of course I could have entered the house and used the toilet, but what is the fun in that???

An advantage of this desert climate was I was able to keep the windows down for air and no bugs came in to bother me.

I was up before Bob and Rose so I used the swim suit that Rose loaned me and walked a block to the clubhouse to use the hottub.  There was only one other person in the hottub.  He came over and sat on my side of the tub as he talked.

He was newly retired after 45 years of being a minister.  He and his wife were now snowbirds.  Besides being a preacher in a church in Sturges, SD, the past few years he was also owner of a coffee shop there.  I don't remember the full name but it had the word REV in it.  Rev for motorcycles (Sturges is a big gathering spot in South Dakota for motorcyclists every year) Rev for caffeine and Rev for Reverend.  Pretty cool.  He said the coffee shop was on ABC a few years back because they had 5,000 people paying it forward... Anyway he kept track and ended the paying it forward when it got to 10,000 because it was work to maintain it and track it.  The staff had to always say, Your coffee was paid for by the person in front of you, would you like to pass it forward to the person after you?

After the hottub, I walked to the corner gas station for coffee and passed a different kind of Cathorlic church.

Bob set me up with an e-assist trike they have complete with sun shade for protection from the Arizona sun.  It got up to 83 degrees.

We rode about 9 miles to meet up with their bicycle riding friends.  The group calls themselves the Lizards and many had little lizard decorations on their bikes.

Many of the riders were snowbirds, a few, like me were just visiting.  On rider told me to be sure to ride in the desert after a rain.  The flowers are blooming then and the smells are wonderful.

It was a lovely ride, we arrived home just after sunset.  I showered in the clubhouse and went to bed fully spent.  This night was the switch to daylight savings time, but NOT in Arizona.  Interesting.

Trippin' Again - Flying to Pheonix, Weeroll Design

March 6, 2020

Hello Friends, Family, and Followers,

I am sitting at the Tampa airport.  I have a couple hours before we fly and thought I would dash off a note to you.  Life is more fun when shared, after all.

I have a keyboard that connects to my iPad by Bluetooth.  I packed it and brought it along in case I felt like writing to you.  But guess what!  I packed the keyboard in the pannier that I checked as luggage.   So my fingers may fumble a little more than usual as I peck this out with my thumbs on the touch screen.

It is Friday and I am flying to Phoenix, AZ.  I first made plans to do this when my sister-in-law announced in September or October that she was going to have a celebration for her 80th birthday.  I have not been to Phoenix and don't remember much about AZ.  I am sure I must have been to AZ at one time, maybe as a tween when we visited the southern rim of the Grand Canyon.

Initially when I booked the flight I was going to ship or check as baggage my own recumbent trike.  But then I connected with friends that used to ride the Withlacoochee with us and it turns out they, Bob and Rose, have an extra trike they can loan me for my whole trip!   So much easier.  So if I can figure out how to post my pictures, I will be posting pics of the trike and what I see along the way.

The Weeroll

I took measurements of my new camper, Weeroll.  Debra and Frankie and I went on an outing to IKEA to get ideas and stuff.  I had never been to one and I had been told it was an experience.  The nearest one was in Tampa.  I didn't get anything big like furniture.  I did get some battery operated lights.  And we had a great lunch.  IKEA has a buffet and my big breakfast was less than $5.00.

My friend Mari told me when she couldn't sleep she was planning ways I could furnish and decorate my camper, complete with storage baskets under the bench style bed.

That gave me the idea to share my measurements with you.  When I return from this trip later in March, I will start purchasing and working on getting the trailer furnished.  I like getting ideas, so feel free to design away.  The key is I have a mini fridge to put in the camper.  I don't have the dimensions with me,  but it is at least 2 1/2 feet deep, and at least 22 inches wide...  I plan to put the microwave on top of it.

One day I got a call from a neighbor, my Weeroll was parked in the wrong spot.  He met me over at the corral and I was able to back up my van to hook up pretty easy.  Then I drove to an empty parking lot to practice some more.  I got a new slot to park in and I was thrilled because it was a straight back-in.  Not a 90 degree turn which I have not come close to doing well yet.

I am very proud to have backed the Weeroll into its slot and unhook all by myself.  Lesson learned, be sure to disengage the ball lock before lowering the front wheel.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Marijuana and Alzheimer's

Isn't it a trip?

I have news on the new camper-trailer and a report on the Big Honkin' Trike Rally but that comes later.

Because I am thinking I need to score some weed.  Not much, just a leaf to stick in my smoothie each day.

You see, I goofed up and it turned out to be fortuitous.  I went to the dentist for Xrays.  I grabbed the Discover Magazine and sat and read.  I was grateful for the relaxing time and the learning.  The article about the medicinal studies being done with weed was in the March/April 2020.

I sat for 1/2 an hour reading before the woman at the counter told me that my was appointment had been at 10:30 and not at 11:30 when I had arrived. 

I think they must have called me to change the time when I wasn't by my paper calendar.   Yes, I am one of those old folks that still uses a paper calendar instead of my Google or my Outlook Calendar.  It is silly, I got caught with a few mistakes on the electronic calendar and so I just don't trust myself with it. 

The magazine had pages falling out of it, so I tucked it into my  backpack before I stepped up to the counter to re-schedule.  Now it is sitting next to me and I can re-read it and share the information.

They are discovering that mice that are 18 months old, which is equivalent to a 70 year old human, and are showing signs of cognitive decline (They can't find the cheese in the maze anymore.) are regaining the ability to find the cheese when given a low dose of marijuana.  And that young mice don't lose their ability to find the cheese as they age when they are given a daily dose.  Not enough to make they "high". 

I already knew that Marijuana is good for agitation and aggressive behaviors in dementia patients. 

Many studies done on mice do not translate over to humans.  But THC (the chemical in Marijuana) is a chemical that affects both mice and humans in the same ways. 

The frustrating part is that because Marijuana is still a controlled/banned substance by federal law, studying it and finding product to study is not easy in the USA.

Also, because Marijuana is readily easy to grow by homes, the drug manufacturers can't make money off it, so they not only don't want to pursue such studies, they want to squash or warp any results.

The article not only talks about dementia but lists the diseases where cannabinoids, such as CBD and THC seem medically helpful.

AIDS (Increases appetite)
Anxiety and Panic Disorders
Cancer (Stimulates appetite, reduced chemo-related vomiting, manages pain)
Digestion Issues such as IBS
Heart Function (Relaxes arteries)
Immune System Complications
Parkinson's Disease
Sleep Disorders

And it doesn't hurt a thing to take a low dose. 

Feeling Too Busy

Some days and weeks you feel like you have so much to do and so many responsibilities that you are in a panic to get it all done and not drop any balls, right?  At least that has been me in the past couple weeks.

And all the while I am enjoying the activity I am doing, I know I am missing being with others that are doing something else.

I say no to activities I want to do because I have other activities on my schedule already and it frustrates me and adds to the stress of being too busy.

And then suddenly a day opens up, or two, and things are finished and I am standing in a wide-open space of time.  How comfortable are you with that feeling?  The wide-open time feeling?

I cleaned out some spaces, and organized others, and got caught up on a few things that had been needing attention.  It felt great!  AND it also meant that I had gotten the time by saying "NO" to other activities.

When you have some free time, do you quickly look around for stuff to do to fill in that time?

Yesterday I had gotten an automatic email response from Melissa that runs retreats for dementia caregivers.  The retreat is a combination spa and learning weekend .  It is free for the caregivers.  I had emailed her to get an address to send another stack of books to gift as prizes to the attendees.

Her auto-response went something like this:

I am chilling and part of that effort is to reduce my screen time.
It works, try it.

She was a lot more eloquent about it than my synopsis, but you get the jest.  Reduce your screen time and enjoy yourself more.

And since I was feeling stressed I put my computer to sleep and walked away.

Just like that!

Later in the day I went back to check email and check into Twitter, but I tried not to stay long.  Instead I cleaned house, made phone calls, and went to the gym.  I fed Ted (not his real name, the man in our neighborhood with dementia whom I help check on and feed).  I walked to the pub with friends later in the day and that was fun and just enough.

In the evening I cracked open a paper novel instead of reading an e-book.

Our bike group was riding yesterday and today.  Interesting rides with fun people.  I didn't go on either ride.  I felt a little discomfort with missing out, especially because there are some friends from out of town that will be leaving soon.  But I also knew I was doing what was right for me and my physical and mental health.

Take care of thy self!

George was my activity pacer.  Before he had dementia he would tell me when I needed to slow down.  Sometimes when I was in a panic trying to juggle too many balls at once, he would have me list my activities and help me prioritize them.  Often there was something that I could just drop, or put-off until later.

Now without George's physical presence I find myself stopping and trying to channel him in a sense.  I think about his calming and logical way of going through my list and feel the effect of his mojo.  He is with me still.

The Interview

All Author interviewed me and has placed the interview up on their website.  I liked their questions, but I think I got a little long-winded in my answers.  What do you think? 

Susan Straley latest interview by AllAuthor Susan Straley was born with an urge to wander. At three years old, after a frantic search, her parents and neighbors found her three blocks from home happily playing in a mud puddle. So it seemed natural to Susan, when her husband received the dementia diagnosis, to want to run away. Susan does an amazing job of sharing one couple's journey/adventure across the country while struggling with a new reality in the book, Alzheimer's Trippin' with George. She aims to enlighten while entertaining through her writing. Read full interview...

Weeroll Camper

Debra said she saw a video of the Weeroll factory and my camper had the windows in it.  So I texted the factory owner and asked if it was ready to "roll".  He said that the windows were in and he would check to see what else needs be done.

That is the last I heard.  So on Saturday (2/22/20) I texted him and said I was coming to pick up the trailer on Friday, February 28th.  "Is that ok?" I asked.

I have not heard back.

I did hear from the person in charge of our neighborhood storage corral that there is space for my camper.  I am going to go look at the space.  Then I will have to figure out how to back my trailer into a tiny space without crashing into anyone else's trailer.

I may need to park it someplace else while I practice getting good at backing up.

Wednesday I get the hitch put on my car.  Yes a 7-point plug and hopefully they also install the brake controller thingy.

Someone told me about these balls with magnets that can help you line up the hitches.

And I got a 30 to 15 amp adapter.  I guess when I get to the campground it will make sense.

I got some plastic Lego-like things for leveling under a wheel, and I found two peices of plywood in the garage left from the previous owner.  I am told not to leave it parked with the wheels on the dirt.  I have to back them over something to protect them when parking longer than a couple nights.

Big Honkin' Trike Rally

It was a huge success.  Thanks to the Bradfords, the Hansons and the Thompsons for organizing a great week.

 The first ride we ended up at the Hansens' home where they served a meal.  I re-met Denny and Peggy from Illinois.  Peggy reminded me that we had met at a Catrike Rally.  They remembered George taking them on a longer ride and then talking to them about how great it was to live here.  It took a while but then I recognized Peggy.

Denny bought both books right away and read them both during the Rally.  He is a fast reader for sure, since we also spent a lot of time on our trikes and yakking.  Thanks Denny!

The first dinner had about 60 people but the weather was great and we were able to lounge around outside.

On Wednesday I led a ride to see the Ferris family zebra.  The ride was very leisurely and was a big hit.

100 YEARS - Vote

 This year is the 100th anniversary of the women's right to vote.  Be sure to practice this right that so many worked so hard to attain.  I always say that Bicycles Change Lives.  And for women's sufferage the bicycle was a tool and part of the movement for women's rights.

Book Cover of the Month

The Journey Continues cover received over 300 votes for cover of the month.  Thanks to all who voted.  I did not make it to the top 24, ending up being the 44th among hundreds of covers.  Thank you all for voting and sharing. 

The picture above is a mock up, this bus depot sign doesn't really exist somewhere.  But I love the mock up. 

Through this contest many more people got to see the word "Alzheimer's" and the two people having fun on a tandem trike.  Because of this contest and your generosity with your social media shares and your votes we are reminding people that life doesn't end with the diagnosis. 

There is still much joy to be experienced.

Topping It Off In Wisconsin

 Hello, A special shout out to the three guys that advised me through the purchase of my Ford Truck in May, Jim, Bill and Regis. On July 26t...