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Exploring NE Arkansas

Sometimes as we travel we come upon things that delight us and remind us why we leave the comfort of our homes.  That, I am happy to say, is what made me forget my loneliness these past few days.  The geese have babies and they are not shy.  Craighead Forest is a city park in Jonesborro, Arkansas.  It has a lot of visitors every day walking the shore-line path around the lake.  Some of the visitors toss out bread crumbs.  I want to tell them, "Don't feed the wildlife!" Bread isn't good for their health and the Canadian Geese will continue to multiply and not migrate.  But it is fun to get up close to their fuzzy babes. I took some pictures of the elaborate play grounds so that you get an idea of the high-quality and diversity of the fun available to children here. I rode my bike on the trail in the park.  The trail took me out of the park about 1/2 mile.  I went by a cemetery and went in to explore.   One family of visitors loved trinkets.  Old ones were thrown over t

Rolling Clouds, Rolling Forward, Rolling Solo

 I got a bunch of firewood.  My camping neighbor, Judy was going to join me for chat by the fire this evening.  But... now the wood is covered with a blue tarp and I am sequestered inside my little camper as it rains and the day's light fades. Mother's Day, when I wrote you last, I also spent some hours writing for book three.  It is rough, I have lots more work, but I think it might be ready for some other eyes to read, mark up, make some suggestions for changes.   After a beta read through and re-hash, I will send to a professional editor.  It all takes time. If you would like to volunteer to be a Beta reader and provide constructive criticisms on content and flow and mark-ups on any punctuation or grammar mistakes, let me know.  I could print it out and send you a copy somewhere along my travels.     Later on Mother's Day I went for a drive and did some sightseeing.  It was too windy and rainy to go for a float on my new SUP. Only two miles from Davis Lake is the Owl Cre