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Ride on the Manitowish Waters Trail and a peek into George's sorrow.

Saturday, September 23rd 2017

We decided to go over to Boulder Junction, WI to ride the trail.  Mary was out walking the dog already by the time we had our coffee and breakfast.  George and I took our own short walk.  George hovers close.

 I create some space for myself.  Like my new hat??  I got it at the Pecatonica, IL Flea Market when we were visiting Jodie.

We passed these plants.  Mary calls them Cup Plants.  The plants cup water at the base of their leaves.

 We got to the park and discovered the local farmer's market.  Lovely apples, brussel sprouts, and much more.  I had left my money at home.

We drove about 45 minutes to get to a trail parking area West of Boulder Junction.  The trail we were riding connects with the Boulder Trail.  It is called the Manitowish Trail.  Paved and curvey with hills.

The two trails together go for 44 miles.

We just rode 11 or 12 to a park in Manitowish.

It is unreal to have an 86 degree afternoon again and again this late in September in nort…

Hanging out with my sister

September 21 and 22, 2017

When I don't get enough sleep my attitude as a caregiver stumbles and rumbles and grumbles.

George and I exercised to videos in the back yard.  First with Chris Power and his squats, lunges and pushups, and then with Rachael Scott doing 50 minutes of yoga.

I made us lunch and did laundry (George's depends leaked again last night.)

When Mary returned from work, we all sat on the back deck.  I set George up with his DVD.  The first one he didn't seem to want to watch so I put a different one in.

I was tired and aching.  "Had I worked out too hard?" I wondered? 

We were sitting on the back deck.  A beautiful spot.  Autumn colors touching the leaves, the breeze flapping through the sheets on the line.  I decided to lay on the deck and nap.

I was there two minutes at most when CRASH!  I jumped.  George had stood up and dropped the video player and it fell into two pieces.

I grabbed the pieces from him, "Why can't you just settle down…

Cold and rainy with a scream of frustration boiling below the surface

Monday 9/11/2017

There is no coffee pot in our room, no lobby that offers breakfast.  We are staying at a small mom-and-pop kind of place in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina.

I text my friend, Debra, and ask if she is ok and what she sees.  We talk on the phone.  She slept through it, no damage to her house that she can tell.  The power is out.

In Bryson City, NC, the sky is gray and the air is cool.  We head to breakfast at the local restaurant and I see a sign for a 9/11 event that reminds me what day this is.  In Inverness they were going to have a display of memories and items from the events of 9/11 at the Valerie Theatre.  Now, with Hurricane Irma still passing in the early morning hours, the streets clogged with debri from trees, and a large area with power out.  I know the event was canceled, so much changes with this kind of storm.

The streets are dark still and the restaurant isn't even open yet.  We walk the streets of Bryson and I chide myself for not bringing…