Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Talking with Strangers

I was up at 5:30.  I stripped the bed and thought again how I need to bring my own sheet and pillow cases so thee sheets don't have to be washed after one use.

I left My hosts a card with a thank you note and was pedaling in the golden light of dawn.

Starkey Blvd has a trail next to it to Hwy 54.  My host, Bruce, had explained to me last night where the new connector trail to the Pinellas trail was going.  It is rideable from Trinity road on to the Pinellas.  Trinity was very busy this morning.  I was glad to only have to ride it a couple miles.  The shoulder was narrow in places.

I got a text from Bruce who told me it poured rain at 8:15.  Missed me!

I stopped at the Trailside cafe in Tarpon for breakfast.  Vivian and Bob started chatting with me and became cheerleaders right away.  They invited me to call and stay with them in Palm Harbor on my way home late this month.  They gave me their phone numbers.

The Pinellas trail is more urban.  I enjoy all there is to look at.  Small brew pubs,  back yards with fire pits and swimming pools and gardens and a few with piles of junk.  Little colorful homes and huge homes on the waterfront.  As I stopped to take some pictures of flowers I realized I am havimg fun!  The trike and the fenders are conversation starters.  Constant comments from friends on Facebook and on the blog are really helping me feel like I am sharing this experience with others.

At the Dunedin library I get to chat with a man tending to the butterfly garden.  I signed a petition for a raise I. The minimum wage.  While I was in the library,  it poured.

Only 30 miles today.  Lots of time to site see and write.  My hostess this evening is only 7 miles from the airport.  She said it was ok to arrive around 3:00.

Arrived at my hosts home.  Cleaned up and we ordered pizza to be delivered!  Only got a little we.

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