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Trippin' Netherlands, The Journey Continues

June 8, 2019

June is Alzheimer's and Brain Awareness Month

I wear purple in honor of so many who have passed and so many who are living.
  • Grandma
  • Mom
  • Sister-in-law
  • Sweet George
  • Friends Karl, Herb, Bob, Peter
  • And Friends that are living with dementia now.
Alzheimer's Trippin' with George e-book is discounted in June.  $2.99 until July 1.


It really has been a while since I posted.  I have been busy!

The Journey Continues
Book II is now available in Paperback from Amazon.

If you get a copy be sure to post a picture of yourself, or someone, or something with the book!  We are having fun again in the Susan Straley Writes Facebook group, posting and sharing pictures.

Thanks to Diane and Sara, Gary Solomon, and Dan Sheridan for sending in their pictures so far.

Aren't they great?!  Fun!

Reviews so far are good.  One reader said, "I even enjoyed the poopy parts."

The Kindle version won't be out until late fall.


I had my first trip to Europe in May.  I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel with seasoned travelers. 

My friends Mari and Jerry invited me to do a Bike and Boat tour with them in Netherlands.  Mari did all the planning and just told me what to book.  It was great!  She had invited several friends so we met up with some in Amsterdam, and the rest a few days later on the boat.  Such fun to share this experience with others.

My good friends David and Jennifer were with us.  You may remember them from the times they watched movies with George so I could get out and kayak and walk.  They are wonderful people.  I was thrilled to have them along.

I was going to put together slide shows of my pictures.  There are SOOO many pictures. 

Do you really want to see that much?  I don't take the most artful pictures, so instead I will give you the two highlights of each part of the trip.


Adjusting to the time change we had a hard time staying awake during our canal ride in the big city on the day we arrived.

The toilet in our motel had a reflective glass door.  I got a kick out of that. 

Ok, so you don't think that was a highlight?  You are probably right.

BIKES, bikes, fast moving bikes.  Crossing roads you had to watch for the light for crossing the bike path, then cross to the island and stand on the island and wait for the light to cross the street with cars, then stand on the next island and wait for the light for the trolley.  We are lucky to survive while we were still learning.  I saw green and was crossing all three types of traffic and wondering why I was experiencing near misses. 

No big cars in the city.  Parking is at a premium, so it is small cars and even smaller cars.

We visited the Anne Frank Museum which I knew would be moving.  Anne and her family were taken away on the last train out to the concentration camps.  She and her family were keeping track of the movement of the Allies and marking their progress on a map.  They must have been so hopeful.    Jennifer and I signed the guestbook, adding our names to history.

We didn't get to the tulip gardens, which was fine.  We saw a wonderful display of tulips in front of the Art Museum.

Ok.  I said only two highlights.  So I have to stop...

Ok.  One more... or maybe two. 

I mean how can I NOT share the surprise in the street market chocolate shop.

Next time I will post about our bike and boat trip. 

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