Friday, June 14, 2019

3-Day Free Kindle Blitz - And more Netherlands

It is Alzheimer's and Brain Health Awareness Month 
Amazon is offering the Kindle with the Sunset Cover for

Only for three days.

Sunday, June 16 through June 18.  

So think of all those friends who you think would benefit or enjoy Trippin' with us and send them this link.  You are giving them the gift of awareness, knowledge, fun, and hours of reading pleasure.

Other than that, it is ho-hum around here.  Nooooo, just kidding.
Just so you know, Publix has a BOGO going on right now on Tillamook Ice Cream.  It is medicine, you know.  Yes it is!  When a person with Alzheimer's gets agitated and panicky, before it accelerates too much, you see if you can change the subject by offering them ice cream.  And this stuff makes caregivers happy too.

At the end of this month I am going on a long weekend up near Cheifland, Florida.  I am meeting up with a group of women from Sisters on the Fly.  Only this time I will be a SOFT.... Sister on the Try.  I hope to kayak and there is going to be music and a bike ride.  I know some of the gals that are going so I won't be a total stranger to everyone.  Totally strange, yes, but not a stranger.

And then on July 8th I am going to start pedalling to Clearwater.  I was going to fly my trike to Wisconsin, but the more I think about the crushed gravel trails they have there, I am thinking I will enjoy my ride more if I take my two wheel crank forward.  So I have to spiff it up with a rack for the back to hold the paniers, get a new tire, and research and prepare for packing it for flight at the airport when I get there.  

And this coming week, June 20th, I am going to be speaking at the Baptist Church in Crystal River.  So I am putting pictures together and figuring out the stories I will tell.  

But here I am instead, writing to you.  I wanted to show you some pictures from the Netherlands trip in May.  This time I will show pictures from the Bike and Boat.   All the passengers spoke English and were from the USA.  Mari, my friend that arranged that says that is unusual, but it worked out great for us.

The boat, Sailing Home, was roomy and comfortable.  I think it holds 24 passengers (2 per bedroom).

Lois was my roommate.  She is from Gainesville.  We got along great and I look forward to a reunion this summer.

Every day we would bundle up for our ride with our guide.  And when we got back to the boat we would either start moving on the boat or we would have the opportunity to go explore the town on foot.

 A fishing town we visited had a memorial to the fallen pilots during a big battle to free the Netherlands during WWII.  I think this is the battle shown in the movie "A BRIDGE TOO FAR".

A hightlight of this part of the trip was the historical museum in Putten.  And the time we were riding through a forest
and a flock of sheep crossed through us.  What a neat experience we don't have here.

And then the amazing fat bottomed cows!  They look like Holsteins except they have FAT Back ends.

Don't forget to share the FREEBY Kindle.  Honor all you have know and will know with dementia symptoms and share share share.

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