Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Journey Continues - Now?


Today was a great day.  Yesterday, not so much.

Yesterday I was lonely and feeling sorry for myself!  Almost a whole year since George passed and I have had... I really don't remember having many bad days and certainly haven't been lonely.

It was unusual, but maybe it was a really good thing because I am going to be traveling with a bunch of other people in the next few weeks and this down/lonely feeling will make me appreciate all the togetherness and activity.

Today, though, was a good day.  I rode down 17 miles on the Withlacoochee Trail after having breakfast with the bike group at the Hen House Restaurant.  I had to go down and feed those goats! 

It was a great ride, even if I was by myself, I enjoyed it.  I had podcasts to listen to, I stopped and chatted with strangers at the Floral City gazebo (the place we bicyclists rest on the trail), and when I arrived in Inverness I found the "Snails" sitting in the shelter and I joined them for a while.

Here are some pictures from the ride.

Then I came home and showered and went to work -- and then made a video.

If you want to see if the second book is up yet.  You can visit my Author page on Amazon.

Below is the blurb that I currently am using for the second book, The Journey Continues.  What do you think? 

Now back from their 10,000-mile road trip, Susan and George continue to live active lives while navigating around new dementia symptoms.

As she winds her way over the challenging moments does the care-giving burden become overwhelming?  Can she depend on her friends and community as much as she depends on Depends?   If so, how?

And the biggest question of all, will you, in tandem with George and Susan find that life still has great joy in the midst of weariness, uncertainty, and change?

A portion of the proceeds on the sale of this book will support organizations providing assistance to Alzheimer’s caregivers.

Here is a glimpse at some of the table of contents:
  • Dementia Care-givers Stuff Feelings
  • The Art of Dealing with Bullies
  • Downsizing
  • Money Money
  • Levels and Stages of Dementia
  • Traveling with Dementia
  • Dementia Care Training
  • Going Bonkers
  • Our First Tandem Ride
  • Doo Doo Diva
Days fly by so fast.  It is getting late, time to post this and go relax over a bowl of popcorn.

You can help spread the word about these books and future books!  Share on your social media and in groups, invite your friends to "join" this blog or like my Facebook page Trippin' with Susan.  THANK YOU!!



  1. Susan - Have a wonderful trip!

  2. Just finished book 1. Great writing and really showind dignity towards George.Iam a friend from Memory Lane. God bless. Looking forward to book2.. Margaret

    1. Thank you for your kind remarks, Margaret. If you can, please leave a review on Amazon and/or I am excited to have book 2 out in paperback on Amazon and/or post a picture and comment to your social media (if you spend any time up there in Facebook/Twitter land). I will be interested to see what you think of book 2. In The Journey Continues I did not journal every day except when we are traveling. The disease symptoms progressed requiring more of my time.


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