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The Journey Continues - Now?


Today was a great day.  Yesterday, not so much.

Yesterday I was lonely and feeling sorry for myself!  Almost a whole year since George passed and I have had... I really don't remember having many bad days and certainly haven't been lonely.

It was unusual, but maybe it was a really good thing because I am going to be traveling with a bunch of other people in the next few weeks and this down/lonely feeling will make me appreciate all the togetherness and activity.

Today, though, was a good day.  I rode down 17 miles on the Withlacoochee Trail after having breakfast with the bike group at the Hen House Restaurant.  I had to go down and feed those goats! 

It was a great ride, even if I was by myself, I enjoyed it.  I had podcasts to listen to, I stopped and chatted with strangers at the Floral City gazebo (the place we bicyclists rest on the trail), and when I arrived in Inverness I found the "Snails" sitting in the shelter and I joined them for a while.

Here a…