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Too Silly to be Old

I am having fun.  I hope you are too.

I am proud to be a monarch momma.  Love those fat little guys that turn into orange butterflies that visit my garden.  I have been starting new milkweed plants (it is the only plant that the caterpillars feast on.) And a friend of mine has asked me to save the seeds and she is going to plant a large area in Milkweed.  It does well here.  The plants look so much different than in Wisconsin.

The pictures of the blossoms were taken by my friend Mark B.  He and his wife, Jane visited a real short visit this winter.  We had a great time kayaking and hanging out.

Pictures Pictures Pictures

On the Facebook Group Susan Straley Writes I have been asking people to post pictures of themselves or someone or something with the book.  I have gotten a great variety of pictures.  And some of the folks have shared the pictures on their personal page!  Yeah, spreading the word about the book and our story.  I love it.

I have been promising to put the pictures together in a kind of slide show video.  Each time I put them together, I get one more picture that is great and I have to add it to the video.

I have gotten 20 pictures.  Each of the contributors will receive a free copy of the second book when it is published (Expecting June, 2019).

Thank you!  Here's the video.

Now I will continue to hope for pictures and anyone that shares their picture of the book with themselves or someone or something on their Facebook or Instagram page and tags me (so I see it) will have their name put in a drawing to receive the second book as a gift of thanks.  Tweet it too if you like.

And the video below is me practicing for the Talent night in our neighborhood.  Pretty rough.  Being silly for April Fools Day.

I am trying to get hold of the video they took at the event.  I WON 2nd place.  And the people were so good and so talented!  I was shocked.  I was so embarrassed to do it.  But I had my friend, Margaret hold the microphone and we busted out laughing so much, I think that helped. 

Bye Bye Birdies

Our friends that only spend a 3 to 6 months here in the Inverness, Florida area are heading home.  Within a 3 to 4 week period from late March to Late April the social calendar gets lighter, the area gets quieter.

I dream of traveling to visit folks over the summer, but I don't know if that will happen.  Though I do have plans to see my sister in Wisconsin and my brother who will be visiting Minnesota.  If I do, I hope to connect with Alzheimer's support groups in the area and do book signings at events.


OH and did I tell you???

I am  going to the Netherlands!  Yes!

My neighbors and friends were talking about their plans to go do a bike and boat and I said, "That is on my bucket list."

And they said, "Come along!"

Fortunately they invited other friends so I am not the only tag-along.  Everyone says I will love it so much and want to go back again and again.  I don't know, that is what they said about camping and when I tried it this winter it just seemed like a lot of work.

Anyway, I will let you know how it went after I return in June.

Book News

I have been contacted by the YMCA and I am excited to do a fundraising book signing for their Art from the Heart project.  They have an art program that gets caregivers and those with dementia out and socializing and having fun.  So wonderful.  Waiting to set a date.

And I was featured in the Coping with Dementia newsletter.

And an article I wrote for Teepa Snow's newsletter was featured in April!  She instructs caregivers all over the United States on Compassionate Care methods for those with Dementia.  I am honored.

If you haven't bought the book or want to gift the book, here's the link to it on Amazon.


  1. Oh m g. you need to post this on utube under poetry and /or Alzheimer's caregiving.
    I laughed and then cried. The poetry of life thru your words and movement was emotional and enlightening.


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