Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Identity Fumbling

Monday 4/15/19

First, let me talk about the book.  Then I will talk about other things, I promise.  Sorry to go on and on about this new author stuff.  This writing and publishing and promoting is all new to me and it takes over my everyday thoughts.

The other day I was talking with someone who had been a caregiver.  We shared the feeling of joy and purpose that flowed through most of our days.  How our love grew and changed over time caring for our loved ones.   I told her I felt fulfilled caring for George.  That all my life when I was doing one thing I was wondering if I should be doing something else.  But while care-giving I knew that caring for George and myself was my top priority.  No doubts.

Now that doubt,  am I doing the best thing with my time, returns.  I feel fulfilled working on the book and sharing the book.  So when I have social dates, take a day to bike, I have this little voice saying, "you should be working on the book promotion, publishing, learning..."

Tonight the book club in my neighborhood is meeting.  They chose for this month my first book, Alzheimer's Trippin' with George.  I offered to stay home because I didn't want them to feel awkward about criticizing the book.  I mean, if they hate it, I want them to be able to say that without being embarrassed.  But the members insisted I attend and take in the critiques.  They thought I was running from the honest feed-back.   No no, that's not it.  I am excited and I have been looking forward to this.

The hostess has asked me to talk about the making of the book and I will be reading some from the second book.

I have even postponed the publication of the second book because maybe they will have some insight to help me improve the second book.


Did you notice?  This blog is all about me.  It is totally weird.  Me, my life, my book, me, me, me.  It doesn't seem right.  Before, the blog was about us and Alzheimer's Disease and living with both joy and sorrow simultaneously.   I hope you will excuse me as I try to find my new way.

Preparing to Travel

This past week I got to meet and hang out with the people I will be traveling with around the Netherlands in May.  Mari, who has invited us and organized the whole thing lives right next door to me.  She and Jerry were friends (Withlacoochee Bicycle Riders) before we moved here.  They were the ones that told me the place was going up on the market.  I was able to buy the place without the expense of a realtor.

Mari and Jerry are VERY active and positive people.  What I learned from meeting their friends is they hang out with positive folks.  Which is great, because we won't have to listen to whiners on the trip.  We all have learned to do our best to roll with whatever comes our way and make the best of it.  I am so lucky to be included in this travel group.

I learned that it will be about 65 degrees F during the day and in the 40s at night in the Netherlands.  So I bought a jacket that packs small and a raincoat to keep me dry in the spring rains.  And get this, I had to buy padded underwear!  I will be riding a conventional bike on this trip.  my trike will remain home.  So sad to say goodbye to my comfortable seat. 

I met Lois.  I will be sharing a room with her on the boat (bike and boat tour).  She is really nice, positive, a former nurse who worked with dementia patients.  She also has bouts of insomnia and worries that she might snore.  We will get along fine. 

This trip I will be riding a "wedgy" and leaving my beautiful trike at home.  Sylvia Halpern (a friend and world traveler by tike) travels on planes with her trike.  I am hoping to try that on my next trip.  Just wrap it up and wheel it up to the baggage area.  If I succeed it will open up all kinds of travel and trike possibilities.  Exciting ventures...  If I can keep on Trippin' and trikin' I am a happy woman.

Monarch Mama Report

In the flower garden I share with my neighbor There are several prolific collard green plants.  Yesterday I cut some to chop and cook with sweet potatoes.  I found a cocoon under one of the big leaves as I was washing it.  Lovely green with gold bead trim.  Why did nature make them so pretty?  The leaf now sits in a cup of water on my front porch.  I hope the butterfly emerges before the leaf wilts and dies.

I had not gone for a massage in several months, but my back had been hurting in spite of the stretches and exercises I had been given by Greg Brown.  He was the guy that came up with the exercises that George and I did and I explained I the first book, Alzheimer's Trippin' with George.

I went for a massage this week and shared seeds and plants with my masseuse.  She has a big yard and had requested them.  Milkweed for all, spread the fun!

Nutty Prize

At the Windermere Talent Show I won the nutty prize!  Jerry video taped the performances so I am able to share it here.  My sister watched my practice and said it looked and sounded like poetry.  Both laughter and tears.  Let me know your thoughts.  Comments are welcome.

Shares of this blog or video are welcome too! Share with your friends and on your social media.  People who sign up for the blog in April (Click the Join tab above) will receive a copy of one of the chapters in the second book!!!

More later...

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