Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Only One Day to the Alzheimer's Trippin' Kindle Book Launch!

Happy Wednesday, March 20, 2019.  Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow... you're only a day away.

I had great news yesterday, two rockstars in the recumbent riding world ordered my Kindle book and announced it on Facebook.

I have 34 Kindle books pre-ordered now.  I don't know if that is enough to excite Amazon into helping promote the book.

If you order the book or the kindle, share the news on your Facebook page and tag me.  Share on Instagram and twitter too while you are at it!

When I see it on Facebook, I will share it on the group "fan" page, Susan Straley Writes.

Larry Varney, who takes great pictures and plays Santa at Christmas time announced he ordered the kindle book.  Then Sylvia Halpern also visited the fan page and said she ordered the Kindle.  We visited Sylvia and I write about it in this first book.  We saw her both in Portland and in Idaho during our time at the Trike Rally.  She does a lot of touring on her trike by herself in amazing places.  She films it with her go-pro and takes pictures with her drone, it is fun to travel with her on her blog/vlog.

I am hoping they will send in pictures or video of themselves reading the kindle or talking about the book or whatever.  I have three pictures sent in so far.  The first 20 people to send in a picture or video of them or someone or something with the book for the next book trailer will receive a gift of the second book, Alzheimer's Trippin' with George - The Journey Continues.  So post a picture or video on your social media and tag me, Susan Straley.

If you aren't on social media you can email me directly.  When I try to put a link to my email address I am warned I am opening myself up to spammers.  So here is my address in code... Susan at susanstraley  dot      com

This is it!  I will be busy with the launch tomorrow so I won't be posting.  I will be back with a post after the 23rd with pictures and updates to let you know how these parties went and kindle sales.


Here is one of the pictures I have so far..  Thank you, Barbara!

 I received two more pictures but the keep coming in sideways, no matter how much I turn them.

Kindle with Sunset Cover:  

Kindle with Joy Cover

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