Monday, March 25, 2019

Alzheimer's Trippin' Book Launch Celebration

Wow, so much has been happening, my head is spinning!

Thanks for tuning in and joining me on this great new adventure, where-ever it takes us.


On Thursday, March 21,st the Kindle downloaded to 37 devices.  I think Amazon MIGHT have taken notice because today I got an automated email trying to sell me the book under "New Release".

One friend, Margaret C., made a video early in the morning the day of the Kindle launch.  Fun!  Thank you!  Here's the link.


First of all I would like to thank everyone that came out and made the Book Launch Celebration awesome.  Well attended, great people helping make it great with smiles, and pictures, and shares on their social media.

The launch was held at Cattle Dog Coffee Roasters in downtown Inverness, Florida, USA on Saturday, March 23, 2019.

I cried a couple times.  It is seeing people I haven't seen in a while who were instrumental in supporting me or us.

One was when I saw Karon W.  She and I and Dianne T. were Dementia Divas together at Memory Lane  Then her husband passed, then Dianne's husband passed and then George passed -- all within 5 months' time.  After George passed I spent a couple nights at her house and a night at Dianne's.  We are now... I don't know what to call us, ex-dementia divas?  Wacky widows?

When Karon showed up, we hugged and I cried because I suddenly remembered us sitting together as women who had recently lost our husbands to dementia and we set goals for moving forward in our lives  Her goal was to get a job she loves, and she did.  Mine was to turn the blog into a book, and I did!  Wow, emotions were soaring.

At the event my former boss, Theressa Foster West volunteered MLE to come sing for us at the event.  She was actually pretty good and was a nice background to the buz of conversations.  Thank you, Theressa and MLE.  You made me look like I had it all together!

I heard from several people that they had read the book and were now getting a copy to give to a family member or friend who is faced with the caregiving role.

GUESS WHAT!!!  I sold out of books!  That was ok because as soon as I sold the last one, people stopped coming up to buy them.  Perfect! 

And you know what?  It was even those that wanted the Sunset Cover and those that wanted the Joy/Convertable Cover.  See, I wasn't crazy after all, not being able to decide.  They are both great covers.

I took a chunk of the proceeds and donated it immediately to Debbie Selsavage right on the spot for her work at Coping with Dementia.   Since the book was published it has raised over $200 for Coping with Dementia and $180 for the Memory Lane Support Group.  I have also donated copies to the Alzheimer's Family Organization in Kentucky that was having an auction fundraiser.  

Here is a video mix taken before and after the event on Saturday and Sunday.

MONDAY - March 25, 2019

Today I was going to our Memory Lane Support Group.  I was to sit in the group an hour and then go to a room to celebrate the launch of the book.   The group was very helpful to us.  There are volunteers that entertain and work with those with dementia while the caregivers meet in a different room.

I was supposed to have books available for a donation to raise funds for Memory Lane (and to reimburse me for the costs).   But as I said, I SOLD OUT on Saturday so I didn't have a single book to sell.   I called to track the package and even went to the Post Office to try to get the package in time for the event.  No luck.

I had to leave at 11:30 for the event.  Just as I was getting in the car, the postal truck pulled up in front of my house.  I almost hugged the postwoman!  She put the box right in my trunk.  Yeah!

It's the love, the universal love, luck, fate, God.  Insert your word.  I know that I am feeling so blessed and guided and driven.  It is meant to be.

Karen Kline who heads up the coordination of the group got a cake for the event  When I saw it, I cried.  Bright orange -- So George!

One of the volunteers told me she had picked up the book and was just going to read a few pages and found she just couldn't put it down.  I did a little dance!  Makes me so happy to hear that! 

When it was time to go into the party room and speak, the first person I saw was one of my biking friends, Wanda!  What fun!  She promised... remember, Wanda???--  She said she would, get a picture of her Dragon boat team with the book. 

I am loving the pictures that are coming in.  Be sure to take a picture of the book and you or someone or something and post it to your facebook page or on twitter and tag me, Susan Straley.  The first twenty pictures gets a free copy of the next book when it comes out.. about our continuing journey after the big 10,000 Mile trip.  So far I have 14 submissions.  I will make a slide show of them and include them in the next blog post so you can see if you aren't on Facebook.

If you ARE on Facebook go to the group Susan Straley Writes and join.  Then you will see the pictures as I try to share the photos there when I get them.  We have been having so much fun!

Thanks for Trippin' with me.

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