Friday, February 2, 2018

Sleep, the game changer

I have an alarm on the bedroom door where George sleeps.  I have wondered if it was loud enough to wake me while I am sleeping at the other end of the house.  This morning I found out.

The alarm sounded.  I got up and I left the den where I had been sleeping wonderfully.  I glanced at the digital clock above the kitchen stove.  It is 4 a.m.

George is standing outside the bedroom in his pull-ups. 

"George, it is the middle of the night." I say knowing at I say it that I am wasting my breath.

George echos, "Middle of the night."

I walk past him into the bedroom knowing that he will follow me.  The room smells of urine and I know his bed is wet.

He stands in front of the toilet trying to go pee.  He is all peed out.  He usually is by the time he gets to the toilet.  I get a rag soapy and wash and rinse him down as he stands there.

"It's 4 in the morning, George," I tell him.  "You have to go back to bed."

But I can tell by his wide eyed look that isn't going to happen. 

As I am taking the wet things off the bed he is putting on his pants and shoes and socks.  He goes into the kitchen and fixes his bowl of cereal and eats while I dump the wet things into the washing machine and re-make the bed.

I feel the resentment and frustration,  I stuff it.  I resign myself to being up for the rest of the day.  I have never been one to nap during the day, I can't fall asleep during the day unless I am sick. 

It is dark out when George is ready to go for his walk.  I have him watch a movie while I drink coffee and read the paper. 

At six I grab a flashlight and we go for a walk.  I see the neighborhood dog owners walking their dogs and scooping up pooh.  I think that what I am doing is similar.  Taking George for a walk to get the contents of his intestines moving.

A fellow Diva had started a Facebook messenger group for us just yesterday.  So I go to my phone and report my early rising and resentment.  In minutes I get supportive comments. 

I remember that this morning we have yoga with friends and then we get to meet with our Dementia family over coffee.

Feeling fortunate to have so much support around us!

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