Sunday, September 24, 2017

Ride on the Manitowish Waters Trail and a peek into George's sorrow.

Saturday, September 23rd 2017

We decided to go over to Boulder Junction, WI to ride the trail.  Mary was out walking the dog already by the time we had our coffee and breakfast.  George and I took our own short walk.  George hovers close.

 I create some space for myself.  Like my new hat??  I got it at the Pecatonica, IL Flea Market when we were visiting Jodie.

We passed these plants.  Mary calls them Cup Plants.  The plants cup water at the base of their leaves.

 We got to the park and discovered the local farmer's market.  Lovely apples, brussel sprouts, and much more.  I had left my money at home.

We drove about 45 minutes to get to a trail parking area West of Boulder Junction.  The trail we were riding connects with the Boulder Trail.  It is called the Manitowish Trail.  Paved and curvey with hills.

The two trails together go for 44 miles.

We just rode 11 or 12 to a park in Manitowish.

It is unreal to have an 86 degree afternoon again and again this late in September in northern Wisconsin.

We had made a picnic lunch and we dined at the park in Manitowish.

The restaurant across the street was busy serving bicyclists. 

 The trail was busy.  We couldn't ride side by side because of the bicycle traffic and the curves.

 I only had to stop and push George up the steep hills twice.  He did pretty good.

 When we pulled back into the parking lot this is what I saw...

 I had left the door open on our van!  Fortunately nothing was missing.  Wow!

I told George to sit in his trike and relax while I unpacked my trike and put my shoes on.  He didn't say anything to that, but his face said he wasn't happy about it.  He can't get out of the trike without my help.  He scooted his trike up so I couldn't get my trike in the van.  I asked him to scoot back and he either ignored me or didn't want to comply.

Mary intervened and told him she was moving his trike back and would help him put on his shoes, which she did while I loaded up my trike.

I helped George get up and he went and sat in the front seat without trying to help me put his trike into the car.

When I got in I saw that he wasn't smiling at me and he had looked less happy today.  So I asked how he was doing.  He looked sad and teary and shook his head. 

I kissed his shoulder and told him I loved him.  I told him he is doing good for what he is working with.  I told him he rode well today.

We could make the day better with ice cream.   We stopped in Boulder and got Chocolate Factory ice cream.

On the way back to Mary's I searched for a park with flush toilets to clean George, but didn't find any.  When we arrived back at Mary's she greeted us with a cheery greeting.   I directed George right into the bathroom without stopping to chat.

Then we all sat out on the deck for a while before dinner.   Such a beautiful and relaxing view.

After dinner Mary had the fire pit all set up with citronella candles, chairs and the fire stared.  An enjoyable evening to top off our visit with Mary and Dave.

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  1. Karl does not comply with my commands. I believe he does not understand the words and/or his mind is elsewhere and he does not realize I am speaking to him. Last week, to get his attention, I called him Mr. Sieger. That worked.


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