Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hanging out with my sister

September 21 and 22, 2017

When I don't get enough sleep my attitude as a caregiver stumbles and rumbles and grumbles.

George and I exercised to videos in the back yard.  First with Chris Power and his squats, lunges and pushups, and then with Rachael Scott doing 50 minutes of yoga.

I made us lunch and did laundry (George's depends leaked again last night.)

When Mary returned from work, we all sat on the back deck.  I set George up with his DVD.  The first one he didn't seem to want to watch so I put a different one in.

I was tired and aching.  "Had I worked out too hard?" I wondered? 

We were sitting on the back deck.  A beautiful spot.  Autumn colors touching the leaves, the breeze flapping through the sheets on the line.  I decided to lay on the deck and nap.

I was there two minutes at most when CRASH!  I jumped.  George had stood up and dropped the video player and it fell into two pieces.

I grabbed the pieces from him, "Why can't you just settle down and give me some time to rest!??"  I growled.  At the same time I was saying it I was silently scolding myself for acting like a spoiled child.  Of course he isn't being bothersome on purpose.  He is doing the best he can with what he has.  And of course life is good and I am being a bit to grumpy for the situation.

Mary jumped into action and convinced George to follow her to walk Spirit their dog.  Thank you Mary!  She is always thinking of ways to make it easier for others.

Fortunately the DVD got put back together and still worked.    While they walked I felt in a rush to get my "chill" on.... to relax my tense body and mind before they returned.

After wandering around a bit wondering what I should do with this precious time, I went and sat on a rock by some lavender and garlic in the back yard and just watched the insects working and the leaves floating on the breeze.

When Mary returned we talked about getting respite care here, but the day care places would require doctors notes and may take days to process my application.  Mary called around and found a woman who does companion services.  She arranged to stop over on Friday at 4:30 to meet us and arrange for some respite time on Saturday.

Mary had made a wonderful veggie lasagna that she put in the oven for dinner.   

After dinner George started packing stuff when ever I got busy with not watching him (like going to the restroom myself).

Thursday night, George only got up once to use the bathroom and I slept well.  Hurray!

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  1. All's well that ends well.
    What will you tell George when someone comes to stay with him? He doesn't know the person does he?


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