Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Day 72 - Getting Around in Broomfield, CO

Monday, August 1, 2016

Last evening I talked to George about going to England.  After thinking about it I realized I would be spending my time in Colorado trying to get everything set up for our trip to England.  George never really had that on his bucket list, it is my thing. 

So I contacted the lady who was wanting us to house sit in Kingsley, UK and said to go ahead and hire someone else for the gig.  She already had someone picked out in case we didn't come. She was understanding, her father had Alzheimer's Disease.

I took a few more pictures yesterday evening when we took a walk down to the Grocery Store.  It was a four mile walk round trip.

 The sun was setting on our way "home".

Now for TODAY.

This morning I felt so tired... so frustrated.  I had no plan for our first full day in Broomfield and George was waiting.

 I used up some of Arlene and Dicks onion and the brocolli I bought at the store last night and make us scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast.

 The toaster only toasted one side of the bread and doesn't have a lever to release.  It slowly lowers and raises the toast by itself.

 I learned later that to make toast I should push the toast button twice.  I had pushed the bagel button and that was why only one side was toasted.

 During and after breakfast I studied the ipad map.  I do not have a paper map and the area trails, yet.  I decided to go check out the community center and see if they had weights and if we could pay per visit.  I also decided that we would bike to Westminster.  I was frustrated to learn Westminster is 34 miles across and I could not find an "historic downtown" on the map or on google.

After breakfast, George went out and filled up the tires on the trikes and then was ready to go.

But I had to water the plants outside with fertilized water and I had to clean up the kitchen.  I had to feed the cat and clean his kitty litter.

I had to get George to fill the water bottles with ice and water.  I had to pack an emergency snack and make sure we both got lathered up with sun guard. 

A single person does it all themselves without any help.  It shouldn't be a problem to do it all.  But it is a constant reminder that we used to be a team in such things and now so much of it is up to me.

I also think the stress for me is that George is waiting... watching and waiting... sometimes following me around closely with 5 inches between us... watching and waiting...

The community center is only about a mile away, easy to get to on  a bike.

 Wow! It has weights and equipment and a pool with a slide and classes!  $6 per visit per person.  When we go I will have to remember to pack George a book and stuff to do because I will want to work out 2 and 3 hours and he will be done in 45 minutes.

 I mapped our ride on the ipad to take us to the visitors center in Westminster.  George lived there a long time ago and I thought maybe they could tell us where the old Westminster is located.  I also wanted bike maps.

The thing with using the ipad to map our route is I have to hold it in the crook of one arm all the time.  It is hazardous going down hill, and occasionally I hit the screen with my breast or my finger and I lose the screen/window I was following.

Right away after leaving the Rec. Center, I took a wrong turn and we had to turn around.

By the Rec. Center is some city reserved open space.  This one had a large prairie dog town.

George could not find his sun glasses before we left.  We stopped at a gas station and found a pair he could wear over his prescription glasses.

We traveled trails and bike lanes.  We passed a city crew laying sod in the area between the sidewalk and the road.  I think it is a waste that the cities educate people to conserve water and plant native plants and then they lay sod that has to be watered and mowed forever and ever... amen.

I thing the idea that grass looks good came from when most people had nothing and were indentured servants and the Lord in the big house had grass around his property.  We still envy that look...

The area is growing.  There is a lot of construction and new houses in Westminster area.  Arlene and Dick had told us that modest houses are going for 1 million dollars.  It isn't just the Denver area, but as far away as Longmont I had heard someone getting $65,000 over asking price for their house.

One person said the explosion happened right after the marijuana law passed.   I don't know if that is a catalyst.  There must be jobs in the area.  A person can't buy a home without having a job and money.

 Some new neighborhoods had architecture resembling the homes built in the 40's.

As I was taking the picture below a smaller bee was flying up to the flower.  Can you see it?

We passed another prairie dog town.

The ipad route directed us to turn onto a single track dirt trail through tall grass.  I had to figure out how to get around that.

Then the ipad too us to where there was a closed gate and on the other side of the gate was a golf course and golf cart paths.  We couldn't go that route.  So I told the ipad we were in a car.  We were pretty close, only maybe 1/2 mile away!

The route took us up and up through an upper middle class neighborhood...

 And then we ended up at a dead end!  What's with that???

I studied the map a while and then gave up.  I think the person at the chamber that placed them on the map didn't know where she/he was.

It is getting SOOOO HOT!   There is hardly any shade at all, anywhere.  I am almost out of water.

 We started heading back toward businesses and "home".  We got a nice view of the mountains off to the West.

We looked around a shopping center and picked Zoes for lunch.  We got lots of ice water.

After lunch I went looking for 1) a small blender like a bullet.  2) a sewing kit so I can put a  button back on one of George's pants and maybe sew a sling for my Ipad so I don't have to hold it in my arms when I am using it on my trike.

We ended up at King Sooper Grocery store and there they had blenders, including a Bullet.  So I got one.

Back home I was investigating were we will go tomorrow... what will we do?  "We really can't bike around here when it is so hot and there is no shade," I told George. 

I got excited when I saw there was Yoga at Red Rock... but it turned out to be only certain dates... and none of them when we are here.

I made a list of places we might want to go.

I saw there was a bike tour of Denver.  It actually listed the places they visit on the 10 mile tour.  So I made a list of the places.  But we REALLY need a bike map.  I don't want to rely on the ipad.

Arlene and Dicks son stopped by to get keys to her car and pick up there itinerary.  I was embarrassed a bit because our stuff was scattered everywhere and I had not cleaned up after myself in the kitchen yet.

 We had a smoothie right away and then a few hours later we had another smoothie. 

In the evening I thought I should spend some time sitting with George instead of on the computer blogging.  So I offered to watch a movie with him.  Arlene had left us a Netflix DVD to watch.

But I couldn't figure out how to use the DVD player on the TV.  So we watched an old movie with Sandra Bullock.  It was silly and I stopped watching when I got tired.  George was done too.

Tomorrow is still up in the air....


  1. Aug 1, rather than July 1:o) If your ipad talks to you, use ear buds. Look at this pix, these are called Ram mounts, all kinds of combos. Check with bike shops to find one for an ipad on your handlebars. http://williampitzer.com/images/radar1.jpg

  2. I share your frustration with "doing everything" and have to remind myself to be thankful that I am able. It's a rough road. I'm with you.


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