Sunday, July 31, 2016

Day 71 - Adjusting to Changes, Boulder to Broomfield

Sunday, July 31, 2016

We had breakfast in our little Airbnb Boulder "home" for the last time.  I laid out the plan to George.

We have to take our shoes off when we are enter the apartment.  So here is the plan:

We pack up and set everything outside the door.

Then we put our shoes on and put everything in the car.

Then we come back and take our shoes off and clean.

"Sounds like a good plan," he said. 

Packing and piling and stuffing the car went well.

We went back in the house and cleaned the kitchen, bathroom, and together we made the bed.  George was always a great kitchen cleaner, so he volunteered to do that.  He forgot to wipe off the table and the shelf, forgot to clean the fridge.  I did it, no problem.

The owner had washed the cover for the quilt.  So I had to figure out how to put the quilt back into the cover.  I figured it out and was quite proud of myself... George had a hard time helping me.  I had to redo his work on the quilt, I had to show him how to get the pillows into the cases.

He started to vacuum.  We only had one room to vacuum.  He vacuumed half of it and thought he was done.  I reminded him and he finished the job.

We were in our car and ready to leave and it wasn't even 9:30 a.m.!

"What are we going to do?"  I asked George.  We aren't supposed to arrive at our next place until 1:00 p.m.

That is when we unload our stuff in their garage and put some seats up in our van.  We are going to drive Arlene and Dick to the airport. 

"I don't know," is George's response.

"We haven't been to Celestial Seasonings yet,  lets go there."

"Good idea!" says George.

But it wasn't such a good idea.  I forgot it was Sunday.  It is closed on Sunday.

So we sat in the parking lot and I said... "How about we go get some coffee and figure out what to do."

We were headed for a coffee shop I had found on the ipad when I saw a Burger King.  So we pulled in there and got coffee and potatoes and I got an egg and cheese sandwich.

They had some comfy chairs and Burger King!  So we sat in those.  I was sitting in the tan chair, facing George.

He said, "I am not doing too hot am I?"

I hesitated... "Why do you say that?"

His eyes welled with tears.  "I keep forgetting things." 

I didn't know what to say.  He had noticed how he had forgotten to finish the kitchen cleaning and forgot to vacuum half the room.

He was looking at me so sad.  I kept looking away.  I didn't know what to say. 

"Yes, I can tell it is progressing," I say.  "We are powerless to do anything to stop it."

Emotions are getting too intense here.  It is ok to look at sad things and feel sad things, but....  I have always tried to swerve away, not dwell there too long.

"All we can do is enjoy the life we have," I say to him.  "We have seen some wonderful things on this trip." 

"And you are still nice to me," I said. 

George smiles through his tears.  I get up and sit next to him and hold his hand.  We just sit sipping our coffee and holding hands. 

George says, "I am glad I am still nice to you."

"Me too," I say and lay my head on his shoulder.  "I don't know how I would handle it if you were mean to me."

After a bit I study the map and we decide to drive up into a canyon again.  The guide on Banjo Billy's Bus told us to visit Nederland.  So I looked it up and we had time. 

Off we went...

We stopped the car at Boulder Falls and watched some people climbing the rock wall...

Can you see them???  Look in the lower right corner of the picture above.

The path to Boulder Falls was closed.  Loose rock was the reason. 

Two people had died climbing.  You know how tourists can be ...

A new kind of "NO" sign.  No drones...

Back in the car we drove up to Nederland.  Off in the distance were ski hills.  But the Nederlands looked like a small town without much going.    There was a library book sale.  We got out to investigate, but the door was locked.  It didn't open until noon.

The grow house had chives and mint growing outside.

Time to head to Broomfield.  We headed back down the mountain. 

Did I neglect to tell you that I figured out how to get into low gear for going down long hills?  I am pretty proud of myself. 

I saw a kiosk on the way down and parked to take a look.  I remembered seeing the bald hill on the way up.  It was bald because of a fire in 1986.  It takes a long time to grow back.

The sign said homes in the area should be made of fire resistant materials.  I looked around.  Most of the houses are made of wood.  Some are stone with metal roofs, the like house across the hwy from this sign.  But then... it had a tree growing through the middle of it! 

The mountain had recently had a fire.  We saw hand made signs thanking the firefighters.  In Nederland the fire house was the biggest and best in the whole town.  And we saw a poster for a St. Bernard that got lost in the fire.

Almost to Broomfield, we were hungry again.  So we stopped at Whole foods and got soups and cornbread and ate it there.

On the walls were photographs of bikes in awesome places.   A local photographer gets old bikes and takes them to neat places to photograph them.

We arrived at 12:55 at Arlene and Dicks.  She answered the door looking damp from running around trying to get everything done before their flight today.

George and I unloaded our van.  There was not enough room in their garage for our trikes, so we locked them up in the back yard. 

They have a sprinkler system so as we locked them I thought we would have to come up with something better later.

Dick is the gardener.  I am going to be taking care of his flowers and plants.  They have someone come in to do the mowing.  I hope they all survive!

At 1:30 we had their stuff loaded and were ready to go. 

Arlene told me not to use the Navigator because it will take me the wrong way.  She would give me directions.  Dick said he could give us directions and she said he can't give directions he doesn't know which way to go.

I pulled forward int he driveway and asked, "OK, so which way do I turn." 

And Arlene had to think it through a moment and then told me to turn right.  Then they both started talking about things. 

Right away I came to a T. 

"Which way now?" I asked.  More debate, then "Go left."

She then got on her phone and started making calls.  In the meantime, Dick is telling us of places to visit during our stay.  Stereo voices, such fun!

I am interrupting and saying, "Which way do I turn next."  

Such energy in that van!  But, you know what?  I didn't have to turn around once.  Smooth sailing into the airport.  They unloaded at exactly 2:10 p.m. which is 2 hours before their flight exactly.

Bada bing, bada boom!

I use the Navigator to get home.  It takes us much longer... and it is a lot quieter.

As soon as we got home we moved the trikes up onto the deck so the would be somewhat protected from rain and the sprinklers.

At home, I say.... this is our new "home" now as we will be house and cat sitting for several weeks. 

I went through the fridge to find out what items would spoil if we didn't eat them before Arlene and Dick returned.

I cut up a musk melon but it didn't have much sweetness to it.  So I had George take the pits out of our cherries and we added those and made a fruit salad.

Dick or Arlene must be a hunter.

Will the plants survive under my care?

After making the salad, I went to the computer room to log in to the wifi and work on the blog. 

Which one do I unplug so I can plug in my computer?

Dick collects things... half the garage and two rooms are full of things he collects.

In the computer room, George is sitting on the bed to be next to me.  So I find a chair and make some space for him. 

I send out the newsletter to our bike group back in Florida.  I check my email and I have a contact from Sylvia Halpern of a couple that flies overseas with their trikes.  So I have "friended" him on facebook and hope to get some answers.

I talked to George about this opportunity to go to England.  He just smiles.  I know it isn't something on his bucket list, but I think if we go and trike around he will have a good time.   Part of me wonders if I am just doing it now because it is my chance to do it with him.

At this point, I think he just likes being with me and doing and seeing different things.  I want to go for it.  I email the woman and tell her I am excited, that I learned we can take our trikes and bike from Liverpool to her town... Kingsley? 

After supper we take a walk to a grocery store and buy some chocolate and veggies.  It was a 4 mile walk round trip.  While we were there I checked on the price of a bullet blender.  I looked for a blender at Arlene's and didn't find one.  The cheap bullets are $20.

George did well on the walk.  He walked a good clip with no dragging feet or tilted torsoe.

When we got home, he seemed kind of unsure what to do and stood in the hallway a while. 

I was glad to see Gus the cat come out of hiding when we got home and let us pet him.  He is still skittish, but he will get used to us in a day or two.

George spent some years in West Minster, which is close to here during his early teen years.  So tomorrow I am going to map us a ride to the old part of West Minster.  He was there over 55 years ago.  So we will see if anything looks familiar.


  1. I just keep saying the same thing, amazing. Love your trip, kinda glad it is not me as I am getting so I don't like straying from home as much. Yet, so thrilled I get to go along with you. You ARE lucky you are nice to each other. I know it's not just luck, however, having been there in several different cases, one does not always get sweet declines in their loved ones. Enjoy those beautiful moments.

  2. I find our saddest times are when he realizes things are not right. I too feel that we just have to enjoy what we have right now. Pleasant dispositions make up for a multitude of forgotten things. While we can't travel like you do, you inspire me to take more day trips right here in our area. I do enjoy traveling with you through this media.

  3. Oh My, I cried when I read this… I just cannot believe it, STILL… how could this be happening to George and YOU too? I am so glad y'all are doing this right now. I hope you get to go to England.

  4. I sent an email a few ago. I'm thinking that your timing might not work leaving the US and getting there in time. You will spend 24 hours at least the day of your departure. (been there done that). Once you get to London, a plane to Liverpool, I imagine. Timing will be everything, have you looked at your flying options yet? Find out what each airline requires for your bikes, that might turn into a nightmare. I'm happy to get my suitcase at the other end.

    Good luck.


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