Saturday, July 30, 2016

Day 70 - Are the keys on Banjo Billy's Bus in Boulder, Colorado????

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Wow, 70 days on the road.

After breakfast and blogging, George asked if I had found my keys yet. 

"No," I said.  "After I get done writing I will probably have to find a Chrysler dealer and ask for help."

After I was done writing I started gathering stuff up.  Camera, purse, books to give away, letters to mail, laundry to wash.  While I was doing that, George went out and moved the trikes from the back hard to the driveway.  Fortunately I had a tube of sun guard on the bikes.  The other tube was in the car.  We couldn't get in the car...

Then my phone rang.  It was a gal from Banjo Billy's Bus Tours.  I had called them last night and left a message.  Good news, they have my keys!  I can meet the bus the same stop by the Boulderado Hotel at 11 a.m.  After  I hung up I jumped up and down and cheered.  You'd think George would have figured out what the call was about, but he didn't know so I told them the keys were found and we can bike to get them now.

So off we went.  As we were waiting at a stop light I saw a woman lean over the guy driving this truck and take our picture.  Look at the huge camper space for this semi.

 We arrived way before the bus was scheduled to arrive on the corner of 13th and Spruce.

 We locked up the bikes and went to Pearl Street, the pedestrian mall of the downtown area.

 The time came quickly for us to go back and meet up with the bus. 

The bus was there already. 

As I introduced myself to the driver and explained that I had left my keys on the bus and that the office had called me to tell me they were found and in the box on the bus.

I was expecting him to grab them right away and hand them over to me.  But he began to look a bit panic-stricken. 

"I just got back from vacation last night, I don't know anything about any keys," he said.

I said the gal at the office said... "Who did you speak with," he asked.

Dang, I didn't get a name.  I told him it was a young bubbly woman.

He tried to help me out.  He looked around.  He called the office and texted the guide we had on the bus last night.

But it was soon time for him and his guide to start their show.  The bus was filling up with tourists.

He said, "Come back in 1 1/2 hours and we will search more."

Oh man!  I was so hoping to be celebrating right now.

George and I walked back down to Pearl Street.  I took his hand and told him this was a good excuse to go out to eat for lunch.  We went in search of lunch.

Lunch was good, egg noodles and veggies with ginger sauce for only $12 including a rice cake for desert to share.

I was pleased.  While we sat, I opened my ipad and researched how to change the battery in a Chrysler 2011 mini-van key fob.  Simple.  I wrote down the kind of battery I needed and researched where there was a Batteries Plus in town.  I found one on the google map and I felt relieved that if they didn't find my keys at least I could go there and repair the fob I had given George that was out of power.

After lunch we watched performers and the crowd for a bit.

The video below is very short.

I found us a bench in the shade across the street from where the bus stops and kiddy-corner from where our trikes were parked.  I was pleased.  We could keep an eye on both corners and be comfortable.

As we sat, I thought it would be good to have my phone in case Banjo Billy's office calls and also, I could call Chrysler and find out about what to do if my key fob really is lost.

So I told George to stay and I ran across two streets to our trikes and got the phone. As I was walking back across the street toward the bus stop, the bus pulled in.  And my phone rang.  I answered the phone and while I talked I was aware that George was up off the bench and watching me.  

It was the woman from the bus station calling me again saying that the keys were definitely on the bus and they were put in "the box".  

I heard a car horn and saw George with his eyes on me crossing the street in his zomby-like gait against the light! 

I said, "George!" into the phone and hung up to get him off the street.  He smiled.  I said, "George, I am right here.  You could see me!"

He just smiled. 

I talked to the bus driver again.  We looked in "the box" together.  Then he asked "Which box did she put it in?" 

"I don't know," I said.  They could not get a reply back from the woman who guided us last night because she was at a different job.

We didn't find them.  I was bummed.  

He said they might be in a lock box back at the parking lot.  I said I could meet them there on my bike and gave him my phone number.  He had another tour right away and then a tour at 4:00.  He was frustrated too.  He finally said, "Ultimately it is not our responsibility."

George and I got on our trikes and headed toward the Batteries Plus Store.  

We were almost there when my phone rang.  It was the bus driver.  

"I got your keys, come back," he said.  

"OH WONDERFUL!!!"  I hung up and turned around and George followed.  I don't even know if he knew I got a call or why I turned around.

I was pushing it to get back.  George kept up.

I arrived at the bus, I pulled a twenty out of my purse and plopped it in his had when he gave me the keys.  

"YES!  THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I am SOOOOO relieved!", I said.  I think I asked him his name and he said it was Gilbert or Gilford...

Thank you for your extra effort to find my keys, Gilbert or Gilford of Banjo Billy's in Boulder, CO.

I was so excited I forgot to ask where and how he found them. 

We took off for the laundromat.  I remembered we went to one on Folsom, so we went back to that one.


 When we got done we loaded up the laundry on the trikes and I saw a bee on my reflective triangle...

Now to celebrate finding the keys and our 70th day with our favorite treat... Ice Cream.  I had found an ice cream shop with Google maps.  This one makes it's own.  So we biked up Folsom to Valmont.

On our way we passed a neighborhood that looked a LOT like co-housing!  I know there is co-housing in Boulder.  I remember hearing about it when we were trying to organize co-housing in Wisconsin, years ago.

So I made a u-turn and we rode through the community.

 It has a community building.  This is used for recreation, meetings and occasional shared meals.
 All the homes had solar panels.

 And this u shaped neighborhood with the community center in the middle had a play ground for the kids.


 It was really good.  I had a scoop each of key lime and pb and oreo.  George had his preferred flavor of mint Oreo.

Then we continued to bike for a while exploring.

A bike shop with coffee, a great combination.

We rode through a very large prairie-dog town right by the trail. 

I think it was the Goose Creek Trail.  At NCAR we learned that a lot of the bike underpasses serve a double duty.  They help prevent flooding by allowing a larger flow of water.  Hence all the creek trails.

On a residential street in East Boulder we saw this huge... thing in the fir tree. 


I deposited our read and discarded books in a free library.

Back at home George sat on the floor watching "BONES" on his ipad.  He likes that show and with Netflix there are no commercials.

I heated up left overs for dinner.  We sat on the bench outside our door and ate with plates in our laps.  The owners two dogs came and watched closely and let me pet them.

Tomorrow we pack up, clean up, and in the afternoon we will officially have our first house-sitting and cat sitting gig.  I hope we do well.

Last night while looking at the house sitting gigs I saw a lovely Siamese that needed sitting and on a whim I responded.  I told her we would be finishing our cat sit in Colorado on the 23rd and then could fly to her.  She is leaving on the 25th!  I even told her that George has beginning Alzheimers and we are traveling. 

This morning I got an email back.  She is holding the position for me while I figure out flights and decide do we really want to do it.

"Where is it?" you ask.

Some remote village about 15 miles from Liverpool, England.  We have never traveled overseas together.  George saw places when he was in the US Navy way back when he was 18-21.

I will have to check if we have our passports packed...   Anyone out there a cheap tour director that could book us cheap flights????


  1. Fascinating commentary and pictures, as usual, Sue. thought the co-housing with roof panels was 'cool'!

    1. Thanks, Irene. We thought it was cool too. We had studied up on co-housing when we lived in Wisconsin and we had a group of about 11 people who were working to create something. But it took so long... some people had to make moves, others wanted more than some could afford. So it is really nice to see one that actually came to be, and people are living there. There were no for-sale signs.


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