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Day 67 - Riding the trails in Fort Collins, Colorado

Wednesday,  July 27, 2016

I drove us to Fort Collins, about a hour from our "home" in Boulder.  We parked at the Environmental Learning Center.

While I was using the restroom a man rode up and started chatting with George about the trikes.

He has a trike that he keeps at his home near Zion Canyon in Utah.

He told us about a loop we could do.  First I wanted to do the whole Poudre Trail.

We came to a strange narrow bridge with a kiosk.  They used to grow sugar beets to suppliment America's desire for sugar.

The bridge looked like it delivered slurry across the river.  The kiosk said they deposited the waste in a field behind us.

Next to the bridge was this huge trunk.  I had George take my picture to show how big the tree had been.

At one point we turned off the trail and rode toward the historic downtown "square".

We passed a collection of homeless.  I see now, I had a spot on the lens of my camera.

 We stopped in the info shop and got a map of the bike trails in Fort Collins.  We also got directions to the post office.

After a stop at Ben and Jerry's we strolled around the downtown mall area.

 At the post office there was a long line.  I used a machine to buy postage... only instead of getting little stamps it printed out big labels!  Which didn't fit in the space I had available on the postcards.


 I told George I would wait to find a small-town Post Office and get little stamps for the post cards.

I saw on the map that there was a "Bike Library" near the transit station.  So we went over and looked for it.  I couldn't find it.  I asked someone and she thought it had moved.  I went into the transit center, and there it was...  just a booth with a woman working it.  It has maps and they were selling helmets for $5.

I had expected a display of bikes and wagons and such.  But it was just an information booth and a place to organize safety classes.

Adjacent to the transit center (which had buses going in an out) were lots of new apartment buildings with office spaces on the first floor.  Good urban planning.

 Back on the trail...

 At the end of the trail was another trail... so we took it.

 I made a video. Click on the picture below to play it.

The little trail ended in a small town...

 With a small post office....

 ... with small post card stamps.  So ... some of you will be getting a postcard from Bellvue.

Back on the Poudre trail I took pictures of one bridge that turned the corner in the river and took us down the river a bit  before taking us back on land.

 At each end of the bridge was a warning to stay on the trail and respect private property with fines and statute sited.  Must have been an UN-cooperative land-owner when they were trying to get the trail easement.

 Since we had ice cream at noon, it was after 2:00 before we stopped at a park for our picnic lunch.

It was right next to a farm with lots of horses.  On the map it showed up as "The Farm".

I lost the trail going this direction.  So I used the map to get us to down town and to the Mason Street Trail to get us to Rocky Mountain Recumbent.  We needed an additional spare front tire... just in case.

There was constructions going on by the shop so we had to go a round-about way to get there.

 It is near the Ugly Christmas Sweaters shop.... which I think did not succeed.

The Spring Creek Trail goes right by the Rocky Mountain Recumbent store.  It is winding and fun.  We took that and it cuts right over to the Poudre Trail near our car!

The drive home was long.  It was rush hour, the Navigator took us down Interstate 25 which was a parking lot.  So I pulled off.  Since it was late in the day, the sun was in the west, the mountains were in the west.  So I knew which way was South West to get back to Boulder.

We were both happy to get home.

I keep forgetting which tooth brush is mine.  I like purple and George likes green, but somehow he got the purple and I got the black and green.  I mentioned to George I was having trouble remembering.  He said, "It's easy, yours has circles on it."

So I am round and curvy... he is square.  It works!  I remember!

Tomorrow we go to a meetup hike, learn how to clean our apartment, and meet Gus!  Sounds like fun to me...


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