Saturday, July 23, 2016

Day 63 - Running Errands is Fun and Boulder Area Socializing

Saturday, July 23, 2016

I SLEPT!!!  WELL!!!  I woke up refreshed and happy.  I greeted George with a kiss and more.

HE WAS HAPPY!!  And he was doing well with his old strong voice.

I had bought paleo pancake mix.  It was mostly almond flour.  I made pancakes.  George only ate two small ones.  It doesn't take a lot to fill up on pancakes made with nuts.

I washed dishes which normally George does, but didn't do this morning and I didn't push it.  The kitchen is tiny and one person in there moving around is enough.

I tested my camera several ways and it just would only take black pictures.  So I planned our bike ride to Target to get a new camera.

Before we took off, I checked the meetup groups to see if anything was coming up.  Someone was having a potluck tonight in Longmont.  The same group.  This time I won't have to find them in a crowd, I just have to show up at their house.  So I said "YES" to that.

I located a laundromat on my Google map too, it was time to wash clothes again.

I mentioned to George what we were going to do.  He put on his tennis shoes and stood waiting.  Oh my, I shouldn't mention what our plans are so early in the process.  This is something I have to learn.

I have heard others, who are further in the journey with their spouse with dementia that they don't mention where they are going until it is time to get in the car.  They don't mention someone is coming to visit until they have almost arrived.  It is something we have to learn to do to spare ourselves and to keep our loved one calm.

George waited quietly while I packed a snack and filled our waters.  I studied the map to our first destination... Target.  I put our dirty clothes in bags to hang on our headrests.  We save our quarters for the laundromat.  So I located our coin box and packed that with the dirty clothes.

I found the sun guard in the car and George and I applied it to any place that was exposed.  I had gotten a nasty burn on my neckline from our day in Vale.  I just didn't think of too much sun until we were on top of the mountain far from our supply of sun guard.

I put on my bike shoes and George is still standing in his tennis shoes, so I remind him to put his bike shoes on.  We use bike shoes with clips on our trike.  It helps keep our foot on the pedal.  If your foot should drop while you are riding a trike fast, you will most likely break bones badly.  So we always wear our clip-in shoes.

Finally ready!  We walk the trikes out the gate and into the drive.  Off we go to Target.

Mostly by trails.  The trail along the creek is busy.  There are lots of people cooling off with their feet in the water.  It is around 10 a.m. and already the sunny areas are uncomfortably hot.

Yeah!  I got a camera again!

And a watch... George paid for it out of his wallet.  It feels more like a gift that way, even though it all comes from the same pot.

Hey Abby!  What do you think of that!  The polish is for you, girl!  (Abby is my granddaughter.  We used to paint our toe nails when we played together.  When I saw her on this trip she asked me how come I am not painting my toes anymore.  So... for her, I now have purple toes.)

We were getting hungry.  We were right across the street from where we were yesterday, at WHOLE FOODS.  So we went over there.  While we were locking our trikes, a guy pushing a shopping-cart loaded down with his worldly belongings asked if we had electric assist on our trikes.  "No, we are going to use our legs as long as we can," I told him.  "Awe man!  Electric assist would be so cool!"

It looked like he needed electric assist for his cart.  He was leaning 45 degrees to push it on the flat.

 Whole foods has an awesome buffet with lots of vegetarian options.  $14... but then...
 We had to go back in for desert.  We were right there and the deserts are on display right there by the buffet...

Before we left Whole Foods we used their restrooms.

Next to Whole Foods is this Divas store for adventurers who like to look cool.

 I asked George if he wanted to go to the end of the creek trail before we go do laundry and he said yes.

Mr. Potato Head was in the same place he was yesterday.  Waving as we passed by.

There were LOTS and LOTS of people using their own tubes to travel down the creek.  They used the trail to get back up stream and so it was pretty slow going up the trail.  That was ok.  Lots of ... interesting ... back end views.

My battery was not yet charged on the new camera.  So I had to take pictures sparingly.


We arrived at the end of the trail in the foot-hills outside Boulder.  Well, we didn't really reach the end.  The trail turned to loose gravel and continued.  We turned around where the pavement ended.

Back past all those tubers and onto Folsom Street to the Laundromat.

I was pretty happy still.  While in the laundromat I got into meetup again and signed us up for two more events.  A music one and a hike.

Before we arrived home I stopped at a drug store for toilet paper and next door was a liquor store.

I put two bottles in a laundry bag, and the rest I stuffed in my trunk.  I was pleased with myself and smiled big at George.
"You are resource," he said.   He had to repeat it several times before I heard clearly.

"I am resourceful?" I asked.

"Yes," he said.


Back at "home" I walked my trike into the back yard.  The corners and area is tight to get the trikes in.  After I parked my trike I turned around and saw George trying to trike in. 

"Walk it , it is too tight," I said.  He got up and walked it just fine while I stood by and fussed, "watch out for that branch... watch out for that box..."

 Just as we pulled in we heard a thunder clap.

I reheated the chili adding water and some zucchini to take to the potluck tonight.

I took a shower.  George had taken one before our ride.

I was in the kitchen starting to pack up stuff and thinking about when to leave for the potluck.  When they say, 6:30 in Boulder.  Do they mean arrive at 6:30?  Eat at 6:30?  Arrive at 7:00?

I heard a crash.  I rushed to check on George.  He was sitting at the bottom of the slippery stairs.

As he was trying to get up his stocking feet were slipping on the polished wood floor.

I don't know how to fix this.  This is not my property, but when I took my first steps down those stairs I thought it would be a problem.

1) Slippery
2) You have to remember to hang on to the railing
3) In the middle of the night you have to remember they are there because they are between the bed and the bathroom.

I asked George several times if he was ok.  Did you hurt your butt, your back, your ribs? 

No, no, no. 

At 6:30 I started packing up stuff and we were on the road in the van heading for Longmont, CO.  That is about 15 miles from our "home".

After a few minutes of driving George said it again, "I am fine."

I was kind of wondering how the evening would go.  It is different being social at home.  People knew George before his dementia.  Now they will be meeting him for the first time and he won't be saying much.

Before we even got into the house I introduced us to a guy who was going in at the same time.  Scott.  Later he would come by and chat with us at length.

We walked through the home, the party was in the back.  The brick area is the grill where two guys were cooking burgers and brats.

We arrived at around 6:50 and people were eating.  So we didn't arrive too early.  George was hungry.  So I asked him if he wanted to make up a cheese sandwich with the bun and cheese.

Yes.  So I got him a plate and showed him were the cheese was.  There were all these things right in front of him, but he didn't notice them.  The mustard, the lettuce, and slices of red vine-ripened tomatoes.

So when he turned around and was done making his sandwich he had a bun with cheese and a sliver of onion.  I took him back and showed him the mustard, got him a slice of tomato...

I showed him the other dishes available.  Jello salad, broccoli salad, cucumber salad, my chili and chips.

Then I needed a place to sit him.  There were no more chairs available at the tables.  He would not succeed at balancing a plate on his knee.  We walked around a bit until a seat opened up and I had him sit there.

Then I went to fill my plate and chat with folks.

The first person I sat and chatted with I told about our journey through the USA and through Dementia symptoms.  She was very supportive. 

I didn't tell anyone else about the dementia.  It may have been obvious... I don't know.

Later I got a chair next to George at the table.  The guy across from us (Gerry) was drinking a beer with an interesting label.  He said it is made in Loveland, CO (nearby).

Gerry and... Dorie? pictured below.  Gerry has a stone shop near Loveland.  So I got his card and we will stop in there on one of our drive days.

Scott came over and sat with us and chatted.  He likes to hike in the hills and mountains and told us about a hike that is especially beautiful.  Wild Basin... I think was the name.  But it is 7 miles long.  I don't think George can do that much anymore.

Scott works at Google!  I just thought that was neat,  I google everything all the time, yet I don't remember ever meeting someone who works at Google.

He told me that this "blogspot" is a google product.  I said I was amazed that they could run something like this for free.  He said they are mining data to help advertisers target their audience.  So beware, dear readers, Google is watching and taking notes.

Soon you may be getting advertisements for lodging in Boulder, CO.  And maybe for incontinence products....

This event was a potluck and movie.   Someone had brought one of those blow-up beds you see advertised on TV.

 And the host of this event, Steve S., had a blow up movie screen.

The mosquitoes began to bite just before the movie started.  George and I moved to the deck.

I asked George if he wanted to stay for the movie. 

"Yes," he said.

But a few minutes into it he got up and said he had seen in before. 

"You want to go then?" I asked.

He nodded and started to walk toward the door. 

"Wait, we have stuff to pack up," I said.

 When we were packed up we went to introduce ourselves tot he host of the event.  We were stopped briefly a couple of times by people who had not met us yet but had heard from others that we were traveling and had joined the meetup for the month we would be here. 

"I wanted to let you know that I think what you are doing is awesome," one woman said.

The host, Steve S. was sitting at his computer and next to him were all these electronic boxes.

He said he was a radio operator.  "You broadcast a show from here?" I asked.

"Not that kind of radio.  I talk to people from all over the world,"  he explained.

 The area was a higher elevation and he was 37 feet higher than his neighbors, so his ability to get good reception was very high.

When we got home, George was getting ready for bed.  I checked to see if he had changed his underwear since he started wearing pads.  He had not.  So I got out a clean pair and put a pad in it and told him to take the old ones off. 

Later I checked and he did have the new ones on and he did put the old pad in the waste basket.  Good. 

I have no clue what we will do tomorrow.  I have heard that the trails and roads to the scenic areas are crowded on the weekends.  Tomorrow is Sunday.  We will see what we will see.


  1. I think it is great that you can just jump into a unknown group and meet people. I think I am too much of an introvert to do that.

  2. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

    You have such a great smile, and people are just as worried as you are about presenting the right image. Concentrate on making them feel liked and accepted. Think of all the fun we have chatting as a bike group. And we really don't say much of substance most of the time.

  3. Sounds like you're having fun. Meeting new people can be even better, they don't know anything about you except what they see "here and now".


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