Monday, July 18, 2016

Day 57 - Moments of Good Times Arrive

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Today I spent the whole morning writing the last three days of travel diaries, responding to emails, and just getting some things done.  Then it was 12:30 already!!!  I moved my computer from the kitchen to the bedroom where we are keeping our stuff.

 I saw that my phone was off.  When I turned it on there were several text messages from my sister.  She had gone on a bike ride with a group of friends and had a great time.  So I called her and chatted a bit. 

George had occupied himself with reading and Suduko on his ipad during the morning.  But he was starting to hover.  He was hungry.  I mentioned going to a restaurant.  He went out and stood next to the car.  He was ready.

I thought we would try one of the restaurants that our hostess, Rosy, had recommended.  Dos Gringos.  I looked it up with my ipad and gathered some things up for the afternoon.  Then I remembered that Rosy would be arriving back from her weekend away.  So I needed to get our stuff out of the common areas and clean up the kitchen.  While I was doing this George stood by the car waiting.

I brought out and set things on the stoop outside the door before I put my shoes on.  This is a "Take off your shoes" kind of place.

Water bottles filled, camera, ipad, purse, sweat shirts, nuts, a baggie with wet-wipes.  I didn't know what our plans were after lunch, but I wanted be ready in case we decided to ride or walk or just hang out someplace.

We both liked Dos Gringos.  The burritos we had were full of blackbeans, seasoned tofu, fried sweet peppers and onions, brown rice, spring greens, and salsa.  Satisfied and not stuffed. 

We decided to pull the bikes out of the car and go exploring.  We left the car in the shopping-strip parking lot.  It was a Sunday after-all and most of the shops were closed.  I noticed 4 other Mexican-style restaurants/cafes within 2 blocks of Dos Gringos. 

First we headed into town and I was going to zig zag the streets for a while.  Sometimes we come upon surprises that delight us.  Like a large, welded and painted bright-pink bunny in someone's front yard.  And across the street someone had glued a little plastic toy rhino to their mailbox...  A rhino, a bull... I didn't slow down enough to get a good look.  It just shows me that this neighborhood has a little fun.

We stopped at a second hand store.... "Misers Merchantile".  My sweatshirt is getting ragged looking.  But I didn't find anything.  The building had a history.

They have a nice flower garden and artwork at the intersection of the trail to Main Street in Carbondale.

"Want to ride 12 miles to Glenwood?" I ask George.  "Or do you want to keep zig zagging."

"Ride 12 miles," he says. 

I need to share these sign pictures with our local trail folks.  They used a gear, a horseshoe and a bike wheel design on the signs.  They point to downtown and other features. 

Before we left town I saw a trail branch with a sign pointing to a street where there was a restaurant that our hostess had recommended.  So I took the branch in the trail to look at the restaurant. 

I didn't find a restaurant.  But in an alley I found storage containers, one with a real car on top.

Back on the Rio Grand Trail toward Glenwood Springs.

An Historical Marker is overlooking a large meadow.  This ranch was bought  by a man who was gone most the time working on the railroad.  So his wife and daughters ran the ranch/farm.  Below is a picture of a young girl plowing the field with a team of horses.

The family eventually lost the farm to foreclosure during a depression.  The new owners decendents have put large portions of the farm into trust to protect the open spaces from development.

When we reached the outer parts of Glenwood Springs I saw a thrift shop across the highway that was open.  So we cross the hwy, climbed a hill, and ended up in a parking lot that did not connect to the parking lot we were aiming for.  We were way above the thrift shop.  The hill down was steep.

We parked our trikes and carefully slid down the hill.

The shirts I tried on were too tight.  Either a sign that we are in a hispanic neighborhood where the fashion is to wear the shirts tight, or because I have been eating too much.  Probably some of both.

On our way back to the trail we stopped and I refilled our waters at McDonalds.  It was dry and warm and in 12 miles we had drank all our water.

Back on the trail we passed this fence made of old skis.

At one point we could see rafters below us.  So we stopped a while to watch.

We found a park with porta-pots.  I had seen on the map "Hot Springs Park".  But I didn't see it and we wanted to keep this ride a bit shorter since we had over-done our hike yesterday.

I couldn't be that close to the river without dipping my feet in.  George waited on his trike while I went down and stood in the water a while. 

A woman with a black lab walked up and tossed in a ball.  Her lab must have been older or out of shape or with arthritis.  He walked down the river following the ball for a long time.  I thought she was going to lose the dog. 

But eventually he turned around to her call.  She said he was used to swimming in the ocean.  The river was new to him.

The ball was lost.  I thought, she better switch to sticks.  It is more environmentally friendly when it gets abandoned.

There was a younger black lab there too.  They finally got to meet and sniff the nether regions like dogs do.

Riding back I expected it all to be uphill since it felt like it was all downhill with the wind at our back on the way to Glenwood Springs.

Even with much of it up hill slightly, it wasn't hard at all.  But it only took me eight miles to use up all my water.  There was a gas station and liquor store across the hwy.  I got a bottle of water.  And then I went next door and got a bottle of something else for later.

When our ride was over we put our bikes in the car and we went back into DOS GRINGOS for supper.

We had seen they offer salads.  When we walked in, half of the restaurant seating area was used up by a circle of people in chairs playing stringed instruments.  They were playing old country/cowboy and gospel music.  "May the circle... be unbroken... by and by Lord..."  SMILES!

I got a veggie/taco salad and George got a spring salad.  They were huge and made with wonderful spring greens.

It was already 7:00 when we arrived back "home".  Our hostess was not back from her trip yet.

We sat out on the back lower deck and read.  I drank my bottle and we shared some cookies we had bought.  THEY WERE GOOD!  Mint and chocolate.

I finished my book.  At one point a surprise twist in the story had me go "OH MY!" out loud.

George wanted to know what happened.  "You have to read this book, it is soooo good!"

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty.

Our hostess came home and we invited her to come down and join us, but she had lots to do before she went back to work tomorrow.

One of the things she had to do was water her plants on the upper deck ... which leaked through and dripped on us.  Whoops!

So we both moved into the spare room and sat on the spare bed and I finished my  book. 

A good finish to a good day.

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