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Day 54 - Longest Trip Ever

Thursday, July 14, 2016

We had said our "goodbyes" to Larry the night before.  He said he was going to get an early start and would probably be gone already when we woke up.  It was a long two days of travel before he arrives home in Arizona.

So when I got up George was still sleeping and Larry was already gone.

One thing not much affected by George's brain deterioration is his memory and his interest in sex.  Let's just say, he remembered his one agenda item for the day.

Today is our 54th day of the trip!  Our bike trip from Illinois to Florida took us 53 days.  So we are now officially on the "longest trip ever".

For breakfast we had Raisin Bran and ice cream.  Now before you gasp, just let me remind you... what is ice cream? ... cream and sugar.

Which reminds me, I also put a scoop of the stuff in my coffee and tossed the rest of the ice cream in the trash.

Before we packed up I wanted to work out.  So we went into the clubhouse.  The fitness room had elliptical machines and treadmills and free weights, exercise ball and a 4-station machine.

It felt so good to work out again.  I told George that I was joining the gym again when we got home.  We had quit when we retired and didn't think we had it in the budget.  "I would rather picnic more often on our bike rides and still work out," I said.  And he agreed.

I am nervous about him working out.  His body awareness isn't what it used to be.  He is lifting with a round back at times which is a no-no.  He doesn't know how to adjust the machines.  He over estimates how much he should lift.

This condo was a VBRO (Vacation Rental By Owner).  The owner had left us a typed note explaining the keys, the club house, the internet, and what to do before we leave...  sheets on the floor, towels in the tub, trash out in the dumpster, dish washer loaded and turned on.

I told George to take things out as I got them packed, but not to put them in the car.  They have to be in a certain place in order for me to 1) find them and 2) fit in the car and 3) get at the lunch stuff at lunch time.

So packing worked out smoothly and we were heading to Carbondale, Colorado where I had made an Airbnb reservation for a whole week.

I wanted to stay of interstate 70 as long as possible.  Larry had run into a traffic jam on it and said traffic was awful.  There was an alternative, but one of the roads was partially dirt.  It was used by the raft-ride companies.   I went through Granby and stopped by the US Forest Service.

He was helpful and said the road was open and in good shape.  So off we went on another adventure!

First we were to take Hwy 40.   In the next town I stopped at the post office and mailed some postcards.  They cost full price $.47 because they were larger than a standard postcard.

In the next town, it just seemed strange, I hadn't run into the town where I had planned to turn off Hwy 40.

I pulled over.  DANG!  I had turned the wrong way out of the Forest Service Office!  I was now 30 miles in the wrong direction.

Do I go back or just head for Interstate 70?  I do like I always to when faced with a dilemma.  I asked George.  "Keep going this direction," he said.

So we did.  Up over the mountain to get to 70 and then up over the mountains on 70.

George took this when we went through a tunnel.

On 70 we stopped at a "scenic overlook".  Which is a wayside without facilities.  From the parking lot I could see a cave with a wooden door over it, and one of the slats was missing from the door.

We walked through tall grass, wet areas and through willow to get to the cave.

Then I was too afraid to stick my head in and look.

What if bats flew out, or a bear was in there, or a person!

So I stuck my camera in and took a picture.

Below are two pictures I took looking out from in front of the cave.

 Back on the road we had some changing scenery.  It would be rugged and then the hills would be orange and then white.

We pulled off in a town to get some groceries.  The town was full of round-abouts.  I asked the clerk where we could go to eat our picnic lunch. 

The welcome center, three round-abouts down.

It was right by a roaring river.  The parking lot was packed, there only were two tables in the shade, but one was open and waiting just for us.  Smiles.

At the welcome center was an old caboose and a museum.

This caboose must be a hang-out for juveniles.

Getting back in the car I noticed it needed washing again already.

The Airbnb hostess is Rosie.  She sent me several texts letting me know she would be home late and giving instructions for how to get in and which room was ours.

We are to take our shoes off at the door.  So we put everything we thought we needed outside the door before entering.

Rosie has a lot of boots!

We relaxed a while, then, after studying the map, I found we could walk to downtown.  So we did... with the exception of one wrong turn, we found our way.

There is a building in town dedicated to clay art.  The bathrooms in a park display some of the work.

 The slide above was so cute, but it was all fenced in.  No one can play on it.

We passed the theater in town and I saw that a movie was playing.  I told George, we should go tonight!  He chuckled.

George noticed the gems on this fire hydrant.

The restaurants have these decks in the street parking area.

We went to several spas to see if they offer yoga and the schedule.

 This place has a lot of classes and a nice ambiance.  However, it costs $18 for one person one time.

That is $36 for us both to do yoga there.  Ouch!

This wall fountain was the first thing you see when you walk in the door.

I love these chain down-spouts.  I took a picture, I wonder if this will work with Florida's torrential down pours.

 We stopped in the library to see what posters and events they might have the week we are here.

 Then we walked back to our home for the week.

We got back from our walk and Rosie was about to leave on a bike ride.  She mountain bikes and rides fast.  I didn't ask to join her.

We have the lower level to ourselves.  The back deck has a ski-lift chair to swing on.

We got to meet Rosie and she gave us the name for restaurants where we could get breakfast in the morning.

Then off we went to the movie... THE LOBSTER.

 UGH! It was AWFUL.  Not as bad as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, but as bad as watching someone deliberately poke themselves in the eye with a sharp stick.  (Yes, that was a scene in this movie.)  I think our friend Mark B. might like the movie.  He likes weird independent stuff.  Especially if it has an underlying poetic meaning.

This might have.

When we got back from our movie I didn't know what the Airbnb etiquette was.  Should we go upstairs and chat for awhile.

She gave us the name of several restaurants that she recommended.  She told us about the bike trails.

She has a business in Aspen, teaching Pilates and offering Massage.  She is very slim and fit.

It was getting late, so we returned to our room.  I read a little while, George fell asleep.

Tomorrow we ride!

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  1. you make everything so much fun. I guess we are going to start bringing lunch on the rides. We are not outsiders anymore. Ha@!


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