Sunday, July 10, 2016

Day 50 – Miles and miles of Butts (sp?)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

I know that probably many of the millions of travelers through this area over the past few centuries have entertained themselves by pronouncing Buttes as Butts.  We are not above this base humor.

Unfortunately we passed up the opportunity to see Pilot Butt.  I am sure it was amazing.

The breakfast at the motel was cold rubbery boiled eggs and toast.  But it was included.  We grabbed some extra toast for lunch.  This trip our efforts to cut down on wheat have gone out the window in exchange for convenience.

I think that a few elderly people live in the motel.  I have heard that some elderly have found it less costly than assisted living apartments and the morning meal is included.  There are coffee and cookies available all day and the desk attendant is available 24/7 to open jars for you.

George seemed good this morning.  He talked a tiny bit more and his voice was his old strong voice.

He did most the packing, which makes me a bit nervous... will I find everything?  But he seemed to be doing well at it.

The “Navigator” which is the car GPS wanted to take us down Interstate Hwy 80.  I wanted back roads.  So I pulled out the ipad and let it take us where it may.   I picked the shortest route.  We were heading to our next Affordable Travel Club host near Steamboat Springs Colorado.

As soon as we left Rock Springs, the country side opened up.  I said, “WOW!  They could shoot westerns here.  No telephone wires, no roads other than this one, no cars, no planes, not even jet streams!”

For miles and miles and miles…

And lots of butts to look at…

“So many beautiful butts,” I say, and we both laugh.

 About 40 miles out, the road turned to gravel.

 It was a decently maintained road and we were able to go about 40 mph on it on the straight.

 The sign said we were in a resource area.  They were working to conserve the natural resources.

Another historical stop had a path to a rock with ancient drawings.  100 to 400 AD they were dated.  Not super duper old, but old enough to be impressive.

We came to a small town with a park.  Mayville, I think.  We had our standard fare.  We still had some of the lavender infused jam we bought at the Portland Farmers Market.

A car pulled up and a person got out in a very short red dress.  She looked kind of manly.  She bent over and her skirt flew up and a swear she didn't have any underwear covering her flat bottom.  Her braids were blond, but the back of her head, at the bottom the hair was dark where the braids exposed the under hair.  I swore it was a man wearing a blond wig.

I tried to sneak a picture.  I told George what a saw and he started to stare.

 We walked over to a kiosk which has some interesting facts about the area.  Butch Cassidy and a few other notorious thieves liked hanging out in the area.  The sheep/cattleman wars occurred over use of land in the area.

The picture below talks about a freed slave that worked much of his life in the area.

 I took a picture of George trying to get a better picture of the man/woman in the red dress.  But she had moved further away with a man with a beard and a picture frame....???

Later we saw her go in the bathroom.  The next time I was closer when her skirt blew up and she had granny style cotton panties on.  Was it my imagination?  Or was something fishing going on?  After all these are the descendants of rustlers...

The next town we entered was Craig.  The cowboy museum was closed.

Further down the road we stopped again at a point of interest and learned that the hwy we were traveling on, Hwy 40, was completed in 1920 and ran coast to coast.

 Some where along the gravel road we entered COLORADO.  YEAH!!!!

 It is Sunday, and the museums in these towns were closed.  I think this kiosk and the one above talked about a Geologist that was the first to survey the mountains in the area and photograph mountain tops.

We stopped at an out cropping and saw that these rocks had faces.  One looks like an alien and the other looks like a mouse or ???

This was a good spot to do our exercises.  So we did some. 

Our hosts live outside of Oak Creek.  So we drove through the small town of Oak Creek and stopped by the mining display.

 Seven thousand feet up.  George and I were feeling the dryness.  I was feeling a bit sick, like a took a vitamin on an empty stomach. 

We came over a hill and there was a lake that was very black at the bottom of the hill.  The picture doesn't really show how black it was.

We arrived at Debbie and Mikes home way up in the hills on a gravel road.  He showed me pictures of the bear they had on their back deck.

 Right back there looking in the window...

He gave us a map of Steamboat and told me where to park for the bike trail in town.

Debbie served me wine and I even drank a diet coke trying to calm my stomach.  It worked.  BUT I STILL FEEL THIRSTY!  She said we need to drink 5X as much water as we normally drink because it is so dry.

We had bought Subway Sandwiches in Craig and we dined on their deck.

Then I drove with George back down to the black lake to walk on a trail.  We thought it would go all the way around.  But after a mile and a half we were tired and ready to turn around.

 When we got back to the parking lot, George had to use the restroom.  While he was in there I took some pictures.  It was still very windy.

 We get back and Mike offers to watch a MAD MAX movie with George.  So they watch that while I upload pictures and take a shower.  

When I am done with my shower, George is done with the movie and undressing in the bedroom.  He starts picking dried poop off his hairy bottom and putting it in his other hand.  I guide him into the bathroom.  (FORTUNATELY we have the whole lower level to ourselves because he is naked.)  I tell him to take a shower.  

He can't figure out how to start the shower (a standard lever).  So I start the shower and tell him how to get in and tell him to wash his butt good.  

I then rinse our his crusty underwear  and fight back tears.  I wonder if we can keep using Affordable Travel Club and Evergreen Club when things like this are happening.

George didn't seem embarrassed.  When he climbed into bed I hugged him and he said, "I love you," like he always does.  

This is called "sundowning".  A person with dementia can do well for part of the day and then gets worse as the day goes on.  George was able to walk and talk well today.  He did not wet his pants.   He appreciated the beauty of where we were.  I am still glad we are doing this trip.

Tomorrow we will go to Steamboat Springs and ride and see the sights.  Then maybe a hike, before we drive over to Grand Lake where we are supposed to meet up with my brother.  I have not heard from him, his computer is down.  I tried texting him this morning and so far no response.  I wonder if his cell account is down too???

We will see...


  1. My heart is with you Sue. I agree, the trip is good. You are together and doing what you both love. That's important. The bad things would be happening anyway. It is good that he is cooperative and accepts your help and direction. Head up!

  2. Hi Audrey, Thanks for your support. I am amazed and grateful everyday.

  3. Agree also with Audrey. This is tough, I cant even imagine how tough, but like she says, the bad things would happen anyway, either in this hot place that Florida is in summer or in those beautiful places I am enjoying vicariously with you with the photos and accounts of this great trip y'all are taking. Keep the faith! I just read three or four days and have a couple more to read. So enjoying this. :-) Charlotte

  4. Thanks for traveling with us Charlotte. Thanks for your support.


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