Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 49 - Logan UT to Rock Spring, WY

Saturday, July 9, 2016

We both were tired of being in the car all the time.  So today we decided we needed some trike time.  Logan sits in a flat area surrounded by hills.  It has some trails.  So we checked out of our motel and hauled out our trikes.

George had to change one of his front tires.

The irrigation system sometimes runs through the gutters of the streets in Logan, Utah.

The streets are VERY wide.  Room for two lanes, parking on both sides, and more.  Yet hardly any traffic on the back streets. 

We got on a trail and it quickly turned to gravel and started up a hill.

It got so steep our back wheels started slipping on the gravel.  I got up the hill by getting off and pushing my trike.  I told at George to stay put and I would come back to push him up the hill.

When I got to the top and locked my brakes and looked back, George was trying to get out of his trike.  "STAY SEATED," I yelled. "I am coming to push."

I pushed, it was tough, I wrenched my back a bit.  But we got him up.  I thought the trail would turn to pavement once up the hill.  But it didn't for a few miles it was gravel.

But then we reached a park.  There was information about the irrigation canals.  The first farmers to irrigate used workers and when they couldn't pay them, they paid them with land and water rights.

We returned to town on the streets and meandered on the side streets.

We only did about 12 miles.  Then back to the motel we packed up the trikes and continued our journey toward Colorado.

Right outside of Logan we found a place to picnic.

Logan is in Cache County.  How did it get that name?  Trappers used to store their furs in underground places until they could get them to a place to trade.

A flat line of houses on the hillside across from our picnic spot and the educational kiosks was actually a fault line according to one of the kiosks.

The road out of Logan was beautiful and went along the route of the river through the mountains.

A sign advertised "Rink Springs".  So we stopped to take a look.

People drank from these springs and came to collect the spring water for many years.  In 1972 a bunch of people got sick.  Some scientists put die in the river upstream and the spring turned green.  So it doesn't come from ground water, but is actually a diversion through rock from the river.

I drove some more.

We came over a hill and there was a huge turquoise lake below us and a parking overlook.

The color comes from the calcium in the rock.

The road went down the hill and around the lake.  I wanted to stop, but the beach looked very VERY busy.

So we kept going. 

We began seeing billboards for Little America.  Kind of like Wall Drug in South Dakota.

The advertising worked.  We were ready for a break!

So were a LOT of people.  The place was humming out in the middle of nowhere. 

I told George I saw some earrings I like.  He was anxious to buy them for me.  Sweet.

The place had housing behind it for the employees.  We got egg sandwiches and the 75 cent cones.

Back on the road, a billboard told us...


FINALLY, we are getting close to Rock Springs, WY.  We stop at a visitor's center, but it is closed.

Much of the mining in the area is for soda ash.  Used in soap and toothpaste and all kinds of places.

In Rock Springs we found the Eco-Lodge.  I thought because we were in the middle of no-where that the price for the motel would be high.  The guy at the front desk was going to be moving to Florida in a week. (Fort Lauderdale)  He said he could give us a senior rate of $65.

I was happy!  It was another long day of driving.  We rested a bit and then took a walk before retiring for the night.

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