Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Day 48 - DRIVE n Drive n Drive n turning around and driving more

Friday, June 8, 2016

We had a great breakfast with our Boise Affordable Travel Club Hosts.  Eggs and fruit and muffins.

As I was hauling out our luggage I picked up the paper in the driveway.  More sad news.

I used the map that our hosts had drawn for us the previous evening to find a place to change our oil...

...and get our car washed.

Our hosts had told us to get off on 30.  A beautiful drive and you will go by A Thousand Springs which had water shooting out of the cliffs from underground rivers.


So I used a map we picked up at a visitors center to find my exit.

I was on Hwy 84.  It got off onto 30 East and headed through Bliss.  Then I saw I was crossing 84 again.  That's weird.  We shouldn't be crossing 84 again.

So I drove back to Bliss.  I asked some young people in a wayside about A Thousand Springs.  They were full of piercings.  One girl covered up her face to talk to me to hide all her piercings  She must have had 7 to 12 in her face.

They had never heard of it.  They went back to looking at their phones.

So I tried again, thinking I might have missed a turn.  Nope, crossing 84.  My Ipad didn't have service.

Turn around again.

Then, on my way back to 84, I see that I had missed a left turn just as I got off the ramp and turned right I was to turn left immediatly.

So now we are on 30.  I see the first park we pass that is convenient for us is coming up.  So I pass it, turn around, see the entrance sign, but no entrance.  Turn around, try again.  I turn down a gravel road.

I reach the end at a parking area and a trail.  That's it.  There is nothing around other than donkeys and horses fenced in.

So we get back in the car and look for the next park.  Down roads that turn to gravel and no signs.  I know I am making this harder than it should be.  But I don't know which parks have the springs.  Is it just the one that is so far away?

Now I am getting grumpy and frustrated.  George is being very patient.  I try using the navigator to find a Thousand Springs.  Nothing.  I try using the ipad.  It doesn't see anything around me.

So heck with it. I use our navigator to get to our next destination.

On our route I see some signs for a waterfall.  So we follow the sign to a visitor center and find our way to the falls after only a few turn-arounds.

We were there with a LOT of other travelers.   I liked this woman's leggings.

The rock below looks like a clown that is bald on top and curly hair on the sides?

A kiosk said we could go see the ramp that  Evil Kenival used to jump across the gorge.  But we didn't go.  It was hot.  We wanted shade.

Back in the car I found a route off Interstate 84.

We stopped at a gas station.  These dogs were waiting for their master inside a restaurant.


Back roads, wide open spaces.  Loved it!  YEAH, we made it to Utah!

I spotted an elk... way off.

George got his camera out to take pictures of the elk... or deer.  At that distance...

While he was shooting pictures I went up to a corral I saw.  The only place to hide for a potty-stop.

It looks like the corral was used not too long ago.

Another motel stay.  Gosh, I am writing this several days afterward because I didn't have good internet for a few days and got behind in this blog.  Now I don't even remember what town we stayed in, or what motel.  I think it was an Econo-Lodge... somewhere...

OH YES!  It was in Logan, Utah which is just East of Salt Lake City.  It was another long day in the car with lots of frustration.  So we were very relieved to arrive here.  Finding a motel to stay in was frustrating once we got to Logan.  I had not pre-booked.  And the first motel we stopped at was $139 per night.

This motel was clean and was under $80 for the night.

We went for a walk in the evening.

We came to a park and there was a yoga class going on.  OH YES!  Let's do it!


Nice walk.

Irrigation canals are everywhere here.

I told George that tomorrow we are going to bike a bit before we drive some more.  It has been too many days in a row of long times in the car.  We need to ride! 

If we didn't have the deadline of a reservation and meeting my brother in Colorado we would take more time.  But it is how I planned it.  So let's do what we can to keep our sanity and bodies healthy.  Tomorrow we ride before we ride...

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