Monday, July 11, 2016

Day 47 - Boise Boise Boise

Thursday, July 7, 2016

A foggy cool morning.  34 degrees as I drove us north to Bend. 

I had heard that Bend was a neat place and I expected an artsy downtown with coffee shops and galleries.  But we bypassed downtown, I think. 

We stopped for gas though, and I saw what people were talking about when they talk about Bend as being a neat place.  A dispenser for Kombucha in the gas station!

Fun bathroom signs.

Oregon requires gas to be dispensed by a professional.  This guy dressed the part.

Afterward we had miles of wide-open spaces. 

After an hour or two we stopped at a way side and did our exercises. 

So for those who have loved ones with dementia or just want to remain mobile for as long as possible.  These exercises were assigned to George by Greg Brown of Hernando, FL.  He was recommended to us by our friends Bill and Christine.

If you aren't in need of this information, please fast forward through the next two pictures.

Above is knee to opposite elbow.  Work up to 20 times each leg.

George was doing good enough today to get bored by the long drive on flat open spaces.  He thought to get his ipad and a book out of his bag.

We were hungry in a couple hours.  So we stopped for egg and cheese muffin and coffee.

A grocery store was nearby.  We walked over and got some groceries.  We were surprised to see celery and carrots sold individually.  They must get a lot of travelers around here.  And chunks of cabbage.

I needed a notary, so we found a bank.  When we were finished I checked my email and the realtor told me I didn't need to sign them yet...  Oh well.

It's getting hot now.  In the 90's.

We stop for a picnic lunch and restroom break.  I don't remember the town...

We reached Boise and our ATC hosts Debbie and Mike sat and chatted with us out in the shade on their back porch.  They were heading to a play at 6:00 so they gave us directions to a place to walk.  I also asked for a place to get the oil changed and the car washed.  He drew me a nice map.

Easy peezy!

The bike path in Boise runs on both sides of the river.  We walked a loop.

Then we drove up the hill to a park to watch the sky as the sun set.

It is a wetland and there were lots of ducks.

I said, "Look, a dead duck."  We both laughed.    But really it was a dead duck.

It was a lot of driving today.  Tomorrow we are driving some more, heading for Colorado.

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