Saturday, July 9, 2016

Day 46 - Stop at the visitor center, good idea

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

We went to La Pine for breakfast.  I had seen a neat place on the internet.  But it wasn't open.

The Harvest Cafe had interesting decor, but weak coffee and bland menu.  $20 with tip.

After breakfast we went to the La Pine visitors center.  Good idea!  She was helpful and pointed us in the direction of Newberry National Volcanic Monument.  She said there would be short trails to do and interesting hikes.

On the way we saw three sisters mountains.  The forests were greener this way than at Crater Lake.  A lower altitude, I suppose.

George's senior pass worked.  Our first stop was to see Pauline Falls... or some falls.  I think the name was Pauline...

We walked above the falls and there was a dam and a lake.  The picture below is peaking under the bridge at the old part of the dam.

The bridge looked tired.  It was the entrance for a resort and there were probably RVs and Food trucks going over it.

After the falls we found the visitors center, and again good information.  She told us of several short hikes to do.  She said a hike around the small crater would give us a good view of the larger crater. 

What???  It turns out that like Crater Lake, this was a big mountain of lava and the top caved in forming a lake.  Then a few other volcanos happened splitting the lake in two.  Those volcanos also collapsed.

Our first stop was the obsidian flow.  I had no idea what an Obsidian Flow was.  So I knew this would be educational.

The toilets were hold-your-nose stinky.  They need fans to pull the stink out. 

As we were walking through the woods on the trail I looked to the right and there was this HUGE pile of black rock.  Like a mining site.

Obsidian is glass with a bit of metal in it to give it a dark color.   It was a valuable rock for the natives that used the glass rock for tools.

In the pile were not all shiny black rocks.  Some were lighter and porous. It depended on how much gas was emitted by the volcano that got mixed with the lava at the time that bit of lava flowed out.

The path took us right up onto the pile.  A sign warned not to take pets or wear sandals because we would be actually walking on pieces of glass.

Some areas were quite rocky to walk on and at one place we had to climb down over some rocks.  I had to instruct George on where to hold.  He doesn't bend over very good or squat very good.

Frogs on the flow??? Yes, they come by the thousands in August.

Nasa came and tried to squeeze water out of the rocks.

A picture showed the ragged edge of a steel scapple under a magnifying glass.  The Obsidian blade has not ragged edge and can be shaped to almost 1 molecule thick!  Wow!

The ranger had said that there were some steep climbs on the small crater trail.  I was concerned about George being able to manipulate that.  So I chose to walk the trail to the hot springs, which would be pretty flat along the shore of the lake.

There were pretty rocks and pretty mosses.  Lots of beauty.

We stopped and had our picnic lunch sitting on the ground.

We never reached the hot springs.  I had had enough walking.  After about 1.5 miles we turned around.

I kept listening for George to stumble or stub his toe.  The path had lots of roots and rocks that we had to step over and manipulate around.  He never stumbled!

Toward the end of our walk I took pictures of the path to show you how rough it was.  I felt I walked slower than I normally would have due to my concerns.  But even so, as I was walking along I was thinking, "Gee, he has to think to turn his foot to fit here, step high enough over that."

After that walk, we were done.  So we drove back to town to use the library and do laundry in La Pine.

I set up the computer to upload photos to this website.  After a while we got hungry, so we walked a few blocks to taco johns for bean burritos. 

3 burritos for less than $5.

I had some stuff to print out to sign again for this real estate transaction.  I asked the librarian and they have a nifty system that if you don't have a card from that library you buy a card for $1.00 and you get $.50 worth of printing.  $.05 a page.  So I got 10 pages printed out, which was exactly what I needed.

I drove George over to the laundromat and started a load and had him sit there with his book, while I went back to the library to work on stuff.  When I got back to the laundromat George was filling the dryer with the wet clothes.  The attendant came over and said, "We have a policy of not leaving your children unattended here." 

I had been nervous about leaving George there alone.  So my eyes must have gotten big with wonder about what happened.  Then she laughed, "Just kidding!" 

She was a bright cheery attendant who kept a banter going with the customers.  A pleasant experience, if you are ever in La Pine.  She works Mon, Tues, Wed. from 2pm.  She has been there two years.  A very clean and well maintained place too.

We had passed a DQ on the way into town.  Now we drove back to it.  Blizzard time!

We had some dear friends that were about to close on the sale of their business.  George and I had sold a business once and we knew how very stressful the whole process can be.  So we clicked our paper cups in honor of our friends.  Here's to a smooth closing and a great new stage of life!

We gathered Ice for our thermoses.  And back to our motel in Crestview.  I worked on the computer by the office so I could get internet for an hour or so.  Until the mosquitos came around. 

Then, as the sun began to set we went for another walk around town,  This time staying on the paved roads.

Tomorrow we start the long journey to Colorado.  The first night we have an ATC host in Boise, ID.  


  1. LOVE the way that hike along trail by the blue lake looked! Beautiful.

  2. Now I, too, know what obsidian is. Thanks.

  3. Now I, too, know what obsidian is. Thanks.

  4. Just gorgeous, as usual. Nancy of Ralph and Nancy would NOT be HAPPY with the frog invasion. Not sure she would survive. Thanks for taking us along.


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