Friday, July 8, 2016

Day 45 - Portland to Crater Lake, Oregon

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

We had such a great time with Sylvia that we were sorry to leave.  I wrote her a note on plain paper.   Other than Facebook, I wonder if I will see her again.  She travels to different places every winter.

I forgot all about our "thanks for the hospitality" cards I had made up and the note cards that George had colored.

We had our breakfast at the house.  April was up before we left and I was able to exchange contact information with her.  Then we packed up and left before Sylvia was awake.

Another glorious morning.  We headed south on the interstate.

I was glad to get off the interstate heading for Crater Lake.  I thought I had programmed my ipad for a route through Bend, Oregon.  But I must have missed a turn and it recalculated without telling me.  We ended up going through Eugene.

And some quaint towns.

I pulled over at a wayside park and there was a nice creek there with huge logs giving evidence that the creek rises.

There was a huge lake next to the road, we passed one covered bridge earlier in the day, so I stopped at the next one I saw.  This area has a lot of covered bridges, according to the kiosk.

They had placed wires on most of the rafters to keep the birds off.  There were metal gates that rolled down at both ends of the bridge to keep the birds out, I suppose.

It didn't work, the floor had pooh and the pigeons were cooing.

We were hungry, but finding a place open and able to serve vegetarians was a challenge.  There was a vietnamese place, but George didn't want that.

Then I saw that DQ had a sign, they serve breakfast!

George was happy.

The tourist magazine showed there were a lot of sites to see in the area.  Cascade Lakes, Volcanos, Waterfalls, overlooks....

This rock was at a sharp corner on the highway with a parking pull-out.  So I pulled out.  From the street side there is not graffiti.

A bit further we stopped at Salt Creek Falls.  Just knowing about it from the state signs on the road.

This is interesting how the falls came to be.  First the river cuts a valley, then volcano lava flows fill the valley, then glaciers break off parts of the flow.  Then the river doesn't cut much through the hard lava rock, but when it plunges it digs into the softer rock below, creating a taller water fall.

Black swifts nest behind the falls, having one nestling at a time and only feeding it twice a day.

We walked to the falls, then George wanted his camera, so we walked back to the car and got his camera.

We couldn't get all the way to the bottom of the falls.  There had been a mini avalanch that distroyed the path fence and made the soil loose for the steep path.  Younger we would have gone.  Now with George stiffer and sometimes wobbly, we turned around.  Not worth an injury.

A long drive, we reached our motel around 2:00 p.m.

Our motel was in Crestview, Oregon. Not a good choice of a location.  Mostly for hunters and fishermen.

The first impression had me a bit nervous.

Across the street they sell booze and guns.

But we checked out the room and it was clean.  So we took it.  $55 per night.  We are staying two nights.

After we checked in we found that the internet doesn't reach our room.  So we have to sit outside by the office in the cold if I want to upload pictures to this blog.  It will be a few days before this will get posted.

We decided to walk around town.  But the town was pretty small and soon the street was dirt, and then two-track.  I had google-mapped our route.  But these dirt roads didn't have street signs.  So after a couple turns....

I decided to start marking our walk in case we had to turn around and come back this way.  The marker below was on the right side of the road.  "Take the second right" was my message.

Smiles... but George got nervous, and I was too.  A few months ago we got lost on a trail, so we didn't want that to happen again.

 So we shortened the walk.  We were anxious to see Crater Lake.  But already it was 3:30 and Crater Lake was over 45 minutes away.  We decided to go anyway.

It was quite windy and cold up there.

See the girls hair blowing in the wind?

All the information offices were closed.  We walked through the lodge, walked a short way on the ledge.

Me and my shadow...

On the way back to our motel I saw this weird shaped cloud.

I am already missing being around people and socializing.  We have had our taste of the big Crater.  We both agree we don't want to go back there again tomorrow.

So tomorrow we will go toward La Pine and visit an info booth.   I remembered passing a bunch of stuff to get here, but now I can't remember any of it other than campgrounds.


  1. Just for future reference, under the "Day 45" on this blog, you might want to change the month to July. Maybe I don't need to cross the country to see Crater Lake, huh?

  2. Thanks for the correction, Katsie.

    I think so many people said, "Oh! You have to see it!" but it reminded me of the Grand Canyon, yes, it is nice to see but I wouldn't recommend coming across country to see it. If you are in the area already, worth the trip. Then ride all the way around the rim. I hear we missed some waterfalls past the lodge on the circle drive.

  3. Just an unbelievable journey. You know I love the bird in the tree. Glad to see you are both hanging in there with smiles most of the time. That is what makes life worthwhile, more smiles than frowns.


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