Friday, July 1, 2016

Day 40 of George and Sue's 40th Anniversary Adventure - OH JOY, we reached the Pacific!

I didn't get to sleep until after 2 a.m. last night.  I think I was worried about nothing.

In the morning George sat down with a book while I finished getting ready and packing. So he wasn't putting stuff in the wrong place or putting bags in the car before I was done packing them.  It went well!

We avoided I84 and opted to drive the slower, less congested Hwy 14 that runs along the Columbia on the north side of the river.

I stopped for gas.  But the station was closed.  I like to use cash, so we drove on.

As I was pulling out of the station we saw two deer leisurely crossing the road.

A stop at another historic marker near a lake. 

The fishermen were fishing for salmon.

I was using my ipad and google maps to route us.  It took us across the river into Oregon, though our destination was on the coast of Washington.

There was a lot of industry in the area where we crossed.  Lumber mills covered many acres.

I saw a sign for Hudson Park, So we pulled in for lunch.  The park required a $5 parking fee.  I paid the fee.

Peyt had given us spinach and blueberries and I made a salad for each of us.  She also gave us egg salad.  A good lunch.  We did our exercises and were back on the road.

We stopped at an eagle sanctuary.  We didn't see any eagles.  There was no building, it was just some land with some trees set aside for a nesting pair.

Peyt had told us about a Tower/column in Astoria with paintings on the walls.  So we were going through Astoria, WA.  I made the tower our destination.

I had expected the painting to be on the inside of the tower and that you look at the paintings as you climb the stairs to the top.  But the paintings were mostly about Lewis and Clark and the settling of the area by the Euro-Americans.

I walked with George around the tower trying to read the inscription so it was very slow.  Blah blah blah........blah.......blah blah....  George was laughing.

But on the second trip around he said, I am going in.  I went one more round, got bored with it myself, and went in too.  I met him at the top.

I don't know how to rotate the pictures... But rest assured,  The tower was upright and so was George.

On the grounds a woman was using colored pencils and drawing a picture....

Of the scene below....

View from the base of the tower below.

Views from the top of the tower.

A good stop.  Thank you, Peyt, for the suggestion.

At the top I tried to take a selfie.

A man offered to take our picture.  George and I kissed because we like to have pictures of us kissing in places we have been.  We heard a click.  Then he took a picture of us looking at him.  Another click

When we got the camera back, we looked and the kissing picture wasn't there!

So I tried the selfie again.

Headed back into Washington from Astoria, OR toward our destination, Long Beach, Washington.

We are staying at the Mermaid Motel in Long Beach.  $77 senior rate.  The owner was delightful and told us about a paved bike trail along the dunes by the beach.

So we got out the trikes and rode right away.

What a fun trail!!!!  Curves and tiny hills are so fun on a trike.  And we didn't even know about this trail. 

It is only six miles. We learned later that they plan on adding 12 miles to the trail.  It will then be a destination trail.

We turned around and went to search for a place to have supper.

Is that a whale bone?  I touch it.  YES!  It is a bone!

Really, I am telling the truth, I didn't do the flowers.  Really, it wasn't me.

There is a kite museum in Long Beach.

The restaurant next to our motel was good enough.

After dinner we drove down to the south end of the beach where the owner of the motel said there were less people.  We decided to walk to the rocky hillside to the south.

We had to walk across a stream so I had George take his tennis shoes off.  He was walking barefoot.  So we had to keep a close eye out for Jelly fish washed up on the sand.  There were A LOT!!

We saw a dead seal.  People we saw said it had been there three days.

A blue jelly fish?  There were several of these things washed up on the beach.  The tide was coming in.

A large sturgeon.

It seemed like they were so close, but we walked and walked and walked.

Finally we made it to the rocks.  YEAH!

Now we have to walk back....

2 1/2 hours of walking on sand.  My hips and feet ached.  We were tired.

George watched TV while I uploaded photos.  Room $77.  Supper $25.  Gas $30.

Tomorrow we head to Portland to stay with a Warmshowers Friend.  Sylvia Halpern.  If you are still wanting to read more trike journals.  Check hers out: travelsbytrike

We are excited to be seeing her and finally visiting Portland.

You may be wondering why we aren't seeing more of Washington and Oregon.  Why are we leaving the beach so soon?

This journey started out with us just visiting Madison and Colorado.  When the Madison month canceled, I decided we would go to Idaho for the TOT and then while we are that close let's go to Portland and while we are that close...

But we have a deadline to be in Colorado.  So we got to keep moving...


  1. Sounds like a great time. Love the kissing shadow photo. That warms my heart. We miss y'all. Continue to enjoy yourselves.

    1. Thanks Charlotte. I like that picture too. It's a keeper. Good memory with it.


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