Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 38 - Just Hanging out in Beautiful Whte Salmon, Washington

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We are so grateful for our Host, Peyt, who let us just "hang out" in and around the guest house today.  After 37 days of travel and small rooms it was great to be in this guest cottage on a cliff overlooking the Columbia River Gorge.  We feel so blessed and surrounded by beauty and kindness.

I had been so tired the night before I didn't get a chance to upload the days pictures to

So i got that going this morning, it takes a while.

 Our hostess, was out at an appointment so we had breakfast in our cottage and then went for a walk.

 Below is a picture in the living room of the guest cottage.

 Up the road we saw wildflowers.

 And between houses I was always thrilled to get a glimps of  a mountain.

 Peyt had offered that we could go in the garage and see her cars.  A corvair.  With the gas tank in front.

Later we drove to the tourist office, but it was closed.

 We walked around downtown.

 And found a nice restaurant with green salads, veggie omletts and even veggie sausage patties.

We saw a good idea for a downtown bench.

 After lunch we walked the neighborhood near downtown.

We drove back to our cottage and sat on a bench that Peyt had offered us to sit on that overlooks the Gorge.

 I few feet from the bench is a ledge and a VERY STEEP drop.  I crawled up to it and took a picture.

Peyt says the deer come through her yard and descend the hill twice a day to get to the water for a drink.  They have to cross two roads to reach the river.

 And turned around and took this picture of George reading on the bench. 

The beach across the river from our bench.

We tried filming our exercises to show others what we are doing.  But it didn't go well.  The wind was so strong, I put my sock over part of the camera to muffle the wind noise.

 Peyt wanted to take us for a ride to show us some of the area.  She said her county is 100 miles by 40 some miles and only has 10,000 people in it. 

She is quite an interesting lady.  She has sailed 1/2 way around the world, organized the local parade, and traveled extensively starting as a teenager.

She took us through the industrial park.  

She told us the story of Insitu.  A few young men started Insitu and in less than 10 years sold it to Boeing for a few billion. 

The company makes drones and with the rise in tech type employment in White Salmon aria, the town has been transformed.  Now it has healthier food in the grocery store and restaurants, yoga and meditation with monks on a mountain.  It used to be farmers and fishermen in flannel shirts.  Now it's young families with money.

She drove us over the bridge to a bike trail she knew about.  She didn't know how long the trail was.

 When we got back from our ride I asked Peyt about all the flags on her porch.  She said they are the flags of every country that she has visited.


I worked on the blog and work and George read.  Then I cut George's hair and beard.

The pine trees leave pitch on the bottoms of our shoes.  So I leave them outside.  But then I run to the car to get something and I have pitch on my bare feet.  So much for saving the floors.

 I heated up a can of soup for supper and we ate on Peyt's porch overlooking her flower gardens.

A deer came just on the other side of the fence and laid down and watched us.

After dinner we went for a walk in the neighborhood.  Up by the cherry trees where Peyt had walked with us the night before.   She had told us the deer often hang out in that area at night.

We saw one laying the grass.  When it got up it only had three working legs.  The left back one was small and flopped like it was broken.  We later learned from Peyt it has been around like that for a number of years.

Back at the house we took our books and sat on the bench overlooking the Columbia River.

 Until George got up and said, "Mosquitos are out."

Then we went in and read. 

I heard one of Peyts cats howling in the garage. When I opened the door to the garage I found he had left us a present.  A dead mouse... or mole.  Thank you!

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