Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 36 - Hwys Backroads and Amazing Folks in Washington, USA

Sunday, June 26, 2016

I hate traveling by car... at least I did, until today.  An awesome travel day.

At the motel we showered, dressed, did a load of laundry and had breakfast in the lobby.

While we were loading up the car we saw Robyn and Barbara loading up their car.  Barb said they were heading back to Idaho Falls.

At checkout I said I would like to reserve our room for TOT next year.  (It will cost me $28 to cancel if it turns out we can't do it, so why not try?)

On the road we headed west on Interstate 90.  The clouds hanging low over the mountains.

 Not far down the road I saw a sign for a historical park and took the exit.

 It was for the Mullan Trail, which was a stage coach trail.

I thought we should stop and explore Spokane a bit.  We had been there before to ride the trail.  There is a nice paved trail from Coeur d'Lene to west of Spokane.  I didn't want to ride it this time.  Our time was not going to be constricted by a date we have to be in Colorado to meet up with my brother.

I turned off in Spokane and parked to see if I could find the tourist office on my ipad.  I learned it was closed today.  As I was pulling out of the parking lot where I had stopped there was a cute coffee shop and bakery with lots of flowers around it.  Closed but pretty.

I turned off the hwy to get gas.  The gas station had some old phone booths... minus the phones but still with the phone books.

As we had turned into the gas station I had seen a sign for a bike trail I thought we might try today.  I was unsure because I didn't know what kind of surface it had.

So I followed the signs to the trail on a lightly traveled road.

The trail crossed the hwy we were on but above it, on a bridge.  So I turned on the next road and then a gravel road to get to a place that crossed the recreational trail.

Not exactly a good surface for our kind of bikes.

 I programmed the ipad to take us to Kennewick and avoid Highways.

In real short order I stopped the van and ran back to take a picture of a sign we had just passed.

The town was maybe two blocks long in either direction.  A couple of grain elevators and houses and a church.  See our car behind the sign?  Then I went up to our car and took a picture of the town.

After Lamont we passed lots of grain fields.  Some green and most golden.

Then the road became gravel.

I love it.  No traffic, I could stop anywhere, take pictures, yell.  I kissed George.  Smiles!

Just before we reached a place where I turned off the gravel road I noticed a care behind me.  It was a sherrifff's car.  I thought, with Lamont so small, someone probably altertend the sherriff that there weres strangers in town.

I was glad that we filled up on gas when we started that journey on the back roads.

On Hwy 26 I pulled off at a Lyon's Club Park for our picnic lunch of PB and J.

Soon we were off the quieter roads and on 395 to Kennewick.

I stopped at a wayside and we did our exercises.

 They water the grass and the plants at the wayside.

I saw a woman at the wayside with an outfit made for me.

 To get to Kennewick we went through a very large industrial area in Pasco, Washington.

When the Ipad told me to turn, I saw greenery and water in front of us and could not resist pulling in.

It was a business center just built, not yet completed.

But it had this interesting bush...

A sign invited people to lay in the grass and go down to the river and dip their toes in the cool water.  I was tempted.  But the water's edge was full of dead sticks.

I saw there some of the tumble weed or dried sage that I saw earlier while driving that filled ditches.

I called our host for the night and he offered some ideas and places in Kennewick for us to see/do.

 An area of Downtown Richland has shops, an art gallery, a bike shop, and a park on the river.

George and I played the xylophone together.  It really had a nice sound.  I could get into playing that.

The playground had other cool stuff.  And the whole park was very busy with families.

 I stuck my feet in the water.  I was cool and refreshing.  So I said to George, "Come try it."

And he did!  

Bill, our host, told us about a car show too.  So we drove over to the car show.  We saw a bunch of porta-johns.  But no classic cars.  We were too late.  The party was over.

 But we got to see this neat mural on the wall of a cool book store.

 Our hosts are absolutely wonderful.  They put out some crackers and cheese and shared some wine with me.

Bill works with wood and his partner made these wine stoppers.

They have done a lot of traveling.  Bill put on a video of an art event.  An old limestone mine left nice walls, so an artist put a slide show together and displayed it on the walls of the mine. 
Van Gough and ... oh dang that old brain of mine...  I will tell you later.  Gog...

Bill has the wall with the TV decorated with is wood art.

I was hesitating about drinking my second glass of wine and Bill offered to drive us and go with us to the restaurant.  Cool!

We went to a Mexican restaurant.  I noticed that there was a Planned Parenthood next door.  Then I noticed a sign for reversing the morning after pill.

Always battling.

Dinner was good and our hosts had some great stories to share about business and travel.

Bill has a web site and you can see some of the stuff he showed us on the site.

He is a fan of the Quartet, BOND.  I am too.  Pretty ladies playing amazing strings.

They told us about the Mary Hill Museum on Hwy 14.  And that it is about 3 hours to Mt. Hood.
  We head that way tomorrow.
George and my dinner came to under $20 with tip.  Smiles.

The view through the back window of our hosts' home looks over the river.

Later, George had something to throw away.  So I took him into the bathroom and showed him the waste basket.  Back in the bedroom, right away he wanted to brush his teeth and got his toothbrush ready but didn't know where to go to brush his teeth.  So I took him to the bathroom again.

We went for a walk and when we got back I told him to go to the bathroom before he got undressed for bed.  I had to show him where the bathroom was again.   A good thing is that he has no sadness about the decline in ability.  He seems to be happy. That is such a blessing.

Good day.


  1. I am SO GLAD George is not unhappy about his decline in thinking.. That is a gift in itself! Enjoying the blog and catching up today.

    1. It is a blessing. And his good and cooperative nature is a big blessing. We could not do this trip without it.

      Sometimes Alzheimer's Disease makes people angry and resistant to help. George is mostly cooperative and happy and loving. Making this travel possible and enjoyable.

      The only thing his resists is going to incontinence products. Nope, doesn't want that.


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