Sunday, June 26, 2016

Day 35 - Last day in Kellogg, Idaho

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Today we bike West again on the trail.

 There are gondolas that pass over the parking lot of our motel and up the mountain.

 Today the parking lot next door is full of campers and tents.  They are having a dirt bike race down the mountain.

 We pass another large lot of DAVE SMITH Automobiles.  This time they are all trucks and SUV's.  We haven't seen any salesmen and customers in any of the lots around town.  The inventory is huge for such a small town... even for a big town.

 We cross over a bridge where a couple is watching their dog have fun in the river.  He swims up and down stream and every once in a while he jumps and splashes.  Fun to watch the dog enjoy the water.

 For the first time I noticed a donation box.  I put in a donation.  This is the only money I spend all day... other than the pre-paid motel room.

We chat briefly with couple on roller blades with huge backpacks.  They are from Canada and came to do the trail and camp.  They started in Plummer and went all the way to Mullen.. the whole trail.  They were on their way back to their car.

 When it was lunch time we just found a pretty spot on the trail and turned our bikes sideways.

On the way back we ran into the only remaining TOT rider and her family.  Barbara is 86.  Her daughter, and family were there too.

We did our exercises at that rest stop.  There was a little bee flying very fast between the little purple flowers.  Quick quick quick.

A deer
A Cayote puppy
A Blue Heron that launched into flight and left a looooong stream of poop. 
A dead mouse...
 Being eaten by an Ant....

We passed the DAVE SMITH tire factory.

 52 miles of riding.  We were hungry again.  Left over Pizza and salad in our room. 

And Dove dark chocolates...

After working on work and finding a place to stay before Portland, George started standing around.  "You want to go for a walk?" I asked.

On the move again.
 At the park nearby a local group was finishing up a pig roast.  Barbara's daugther Robin, and family were playing music!
 We walked on to see how far we can get up the mountain.

 We got to a dead end with a nice view over town.

Tomorrow we leave this lovely trail.  I ask George if we should reserve a room for next year's TOT.  If our friends Regis and Cindy and Connie and Jerry come, we most definately will want to come.  I said to George, maybe we will fly and then bike our way back... or use a Uhaul part-way.  He grinned real big.  He's ready.


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